Friday, September 10, 2010

mexican fondue fun!

a few weeks ago DJ and I had our friends Will & Jenny over for a "mexican fondue fiesta" - it was super fun - I love to cook new things (as nerveracking as it is) and we got to try out our new fondue pot (thanks to my amazing friends Christina, Jenn and Sarah who got it for me at my bridal shower)....

{yummy chicken enchiladas...}

{all the mixin's for mexican cheese fondue... yes we're classy and keep the roadbike in the dining room...}

{mixin's and our dippers}

{heirloom tomatos = my new crack}

it was super fun and then we had bailey's chocolate fondue for dessert but of course, I was so consumed with chowing down after our guests got there I forgot to take pictures.... but let me tell you, it was GOOD - we will be breaking that fondue pot out again, SOON!


Brittany said...

I want a fondue set soo bad!

Nikki said...

Yum I've never had Mexican Fondue. I doubt Queso dip counts?

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