Tuesday, September 14, 2010

todays love/loath... AND Ollie on urbanbulldog.com!!

FIRST such FUN news, our sweet baby boy Oliver was "spotlighted" on urbanbulldog.com yesterday! check him out here! AND I promise, recent pictures of him will be posted soon...
so amazing!!! I love our little boy... I miss him tons, I'm in Orlando for business until Thursday which inspires this week's love/loathe....

  • WARMTH. nice and toasty in Orlando right now.
  • starbucks in hotel lobby = pumpkin spice latte HEAVEN. I am going to consume a LOT of these before the week is over...
  • hulu.com.... keeping me company in my lonely hotel room
  • reading (even if it's tween books, go ahead judge me, I own it)
  • my new jane iredale lipgloss
  • humity. barf.
  • that when I go back to the berkshires I'll have to drive 45 minutes to get a pumpkin spice latte... (yes DJ I realize we have great coffee in the berkshires but I want what I want!)
  • sleeping without my lovie lovie husband (I even miss Oliver's snoring)
  • that I am SO close to Universal and am not going to see the new Harry Potter area of the theme park.... AAAH!
  • the crick in my neck that I got from sleeping on the airplane, no good.
In other news, I am SO proud of my amazing husband for competing in his FIRST ironman triathalon!!! He did the entire triathalon in 3 hours and 33 minutes (28 miles on the bike in 1 hr and 26 minutes; 5 miles in the kayak in 1 hour and 1o minutes; 6 mile run in 56 minutes)... SO PROUD OF YOU MY DANNY J!!!

posting pictures soon from sarah's visit part 2, my mom's visit and dj's triathalon! I SWEAR, for now, I must go be a marketing events guru. xo.


Nikki said...

Your baby is famous!

Brittany said...

UMMMM do yo urealize I used to live in Gainesville?

Do you realize thats about an hour away from Orlando?

Do you realize that if I still lived there, that we could have met!

Do you realize how sad that makes me:(


asj said...

I know Nikki, I'm so proud!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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