Tuesday, September 21, 2010

100 days.

on an "all about me" note: only 100 days until our wedding...
on a "this year is flying by" note: only 100 days left in 2010...

wow. CRAZY.

luckily we've gotten a lot done for the wedding... yet, we still have a TON to do. I have faith that this month will be the month that DANNY WILL FINALIZE THE BAND (haven't I been asking about this for months now?)... it's okay, like I said I have faith that if he values his life he will finalize the music NOW in the next two weeks.

we've got all the details for photography and flowers DONE which is nice! checking things off, here we go!

major things on this months to-do list:
  • design, order, print invitiations
  • finalize music (band/DJ...ahem, I love you danny... please.)
  • MAKE our friends and family book their rooms/flights
  • start working on the script for the ceremony (any favorite readings, poems, etc? FEEL FREE to give suggestions!)
....only 100 more days of wedding planning left!


Nikki said...

So jealous! I love weddings. Enjoy this time, you have a plenty of it!

Brittany said...

100 days!! Its coming soo fast! Yay!

I cant wait to see pictures! I bet you'll look fantastic!

Christina said...

How fun! We had 4 friends get married on Saturday. Just that time in our lives I guess. Maybe Sean will get the hint soon enough ;)

Oh, My Darling said...

Hooray, how exciting!

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