Friday, September 10, 2010

Sarah's Visit {Part 1}

I'm a little slow on the updates so I'm trying to catch up... my amazing and beautiful friend Sarah came to visit us over Labor Day weekend and it was a whirlwind but we had a BLAST!
It's fun to share our new life up in the Berkshires and it really is an amazing place to live (remind me I said that when I'm bitching about the weather in a month).... September = the month of visitors (Sarah was here last weekend, my mom is coming this weekend and our friend Greg is coming next weekend - phew!).

here are some of the highlights of Sarah's visit.... first on Friday we came home from the airport and relaxed then we walked downtown and had amazing sourdough pizza....  then...

{margaritas and quacamole with some of our favorite people Ben & Ian at Xicoh's}
{on Saturday Sarah and I went and explored Lenox where DJ and I are getting married in December, I showed her the venue and B&B we're staying at and got some coffee... then we headed to Pittsfield and met DJ to eat wings, drink beer {pumpkin beer = yum} and watch some SEC football... we all went to Florida schools and have some SEC affiliation... Sarah is a diehard Auburn fan and went to FSU for grad school, I went to UCF for undergrad and SC for grad school (go cocks!), last AND least  DJ went to UF (I know I can't believe I married a Gator)...}
{then Saturday night we went to The DreamAway Lodge for a great dinner with Will & Jenny}

more about apple picking, baking and wine and cheese to come!


Nikki said...

I want some pumpkin beer! Looks like a great weekend. I need to move so people come visit me.

Christina said...

I love pumpkin beer! Pumpkin everything is good. My sister went to UCF. We lived in Maitland Flordia for a while.

Kevin Michael said...

You look really pretty! Thats a lucky husband!

Kevin Michael said...

BTW - I have to laugh when someone says "Go Cocks" Lol

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