Thursday, September 30, 2010

ALMOST friday...

it's almost friday and my brain is ready for the weekend...
here are some random thoughts from this random girl....

{image via here}
hello rainboots - nice to see you.... is it raining where you live?
because it's pouring buckets here.
I don't mind the rain - it just makes me want to take nap...
Oliver however, did not enjoy his first rainstorm this morning - he just hid under the bushes
and looked very, very confused.

{image via here - not my nightstand, but awful cute}
I left my wedding ring home today.
{sorry DJ}
it's on my nightstand.
I hate it when I do that.
I feel naked.

{image via here}
I can't stop thinking about this week's Glee.
it was so good...
I'm going to have Britney Spears songs in my head all week
I have new unhealthy obsession with Heather Morris and her character Brittany
if you haven't seen it already - GO NOW....

{image via here}
thats all I have to say about that.

just because I know you all love my puppy....
not posed.
just what he does.
he's so freaking cute.

that's all.
happy {almost} weekend.
stay dry puppies.


Smart Ass Sara said...

damn you! I want a puppy now...

____j said...

I've never heard of pop chips, but they look interesting!

amy said...

Loved this week's Glee episode! So good!

I seriously want your dog!! I'm pretty sure every comment I have left on your blog has been about stealing your dog!! :)

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