Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Darlings

I love sending cards and letters and of course getting them in return so I signed up for "Dear Darlings" over Oh, My Darling - now I have three pen-pals from across the world!   When I was in elementary school I had a pen-pal in Guam... that has no real connection to this post other than a random fact I thought I would share... Anyways, I got my first letter a week or so ago and sent out my first three cards last week!

My first card was from the Sara, and it put my TJMaxx cards to shame... she made it herself, super cute, you should check out her etsy shop!   I'm looking forward to continuing on writing back and forth with these lovely ladies, if you like good old fashioned snail mail you should sign up with Melissa here!


Smart Ass Sara said...

I liked your cards!! I got some ideas for some of my own that I could make. Totally going to try this weekend. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for blogging about Dear Darlings!! It's exciting to read about your cards!

Anonymous said...

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