Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food of the Big E! {Big E Post 1 of 4}

On Saturday DJ, our friend Greg, and I went to The Big E (state fair)! It was tons of fun and we ate our weight in fair food... as you know from the zucchini festival - we LOVE fair food! The Big E was no exception as DJ went home with a terrible stomachache and I [because I could eat for days] was fine!

If you go to The Big E I definitely recommend going in the state houses and eating there - they had SO much good food!

here's a snapshot of what we had --

tasty beers from Otter's Creek in Vermont... I had raspberry wheat and it was yummy!

the boys and their beer...

yummy Wicked Whoopie Pies frome Maine - we had Mocha and it was GOOD!

all their accolades...

Greg and our mocha whoopie... [he was just a little excited]

then we had Clam Cake Fritters from Rhode Island - FAIL. they were basically just fritter batter and a waste of money [and calories], YUCK.

OPA OPA brewery - their watermelon beer is the BEST and the blueberry isn't far behind!

of course, we had to have a BigE Craz-E burger (bacon cheeseburger with a donut as the bun) it was surprisingly yummy... I could eat another one right about now...

my "shy" husband asked a stranger for a chicken wing... this was his [serial killer] response when I made fun of him and took his picture....

Apple pie with Cabot Cheddar cheese and ice cream from Vermont = AMAZING...

not pictured but must haves: cheese fries, fried pickles and maple cotton candy from New Hampshire -- all were SO good!

things I didn't eat and you should eat for me when you go: fried chocolate chip cookie dough, fried oreos, homemade potato chips, baked potato from Maine, blueberry crisp, yummy looking pizza from the Vermont state house and SO MUCH MORE!

can I go back and eat more now please?

we also had frozen chocolate covered bananas... but that's a post all in itself!


Brittany said...

I am ASOOO hungry now!

I think i'm making chocolate chip cookies now! lol!

Nikki said...

Wow! You guys are exactly like us. We always eat our way through the fair. The scones and elephant ears are our favorites!

Christina said...

Yay! I'm getting excited. We are going hungry and thirsty! I'm big on drinking in the early afternoon (on days off of course) and a watermellon beer sounds like a perfect way to start off the day.

Aimee said...

Wow if i wasnt feeling super sick right now then I would totally be all about this food. Yummy!!!

I dont like beer but I do like rasberry beer.

Jenn Smist said...

So all of these posts are making me homesick! The state buildings are the best! LOVE all that food... I could totally go for a bag of mini cinnamon donuts right now ... mmmmmm.

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