Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 before 30 - the list is complete!

get excited.
the list is complete.

some exciting, some mundane, some cost $$, some are free... just a wide variety of things that I'd like to have "notched" off my belt by the time I turn the big 3-0. I'll keep the list here permanently for you to be able to check in on my progress as I go. There are a few things on the list I've already done [travel outside the country, skydiving] but I want to experience those WITH my Danny J - he just makes everything that much better.  

To be honest, I realized as I  made the list there are a lot of things that I'm really lucky to have accomplished at a young age that are on a lot of people's bucket lists [four continents, held a baby kangaroo, spent a month in Italy, snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef, spent time in Wine country, lived at the beach, been all over the country, and so on] and of course there are many other things that I would LOVE to have accomplished by the time I was 30, but let's be real - I'm not rich [humble state servant pleased to meet your acquaintance]. So, some of these adventures are definitely costly and I tried to keep those to a minimum.

let's just hope the "rapture" doesn't happen at 6pm tonight and I can actually work on this list for the next year and half!

well, anyways.
I know, you're on the edge of your seat...
so here it is...

Thirty before Thirty
1. Travel outside of the country with DJ
2. Make a quilt
3. Make a rainbow cake
4. Run a 5K
5. Run a 10K
6. Run a Half-Marathon
7. Take a cooking class
8. Bake a pie (from scratch)
9. Start working towards my pHd [or another degree]
10. Eat carb-free for two weeks [or longer if I can take it]
11. Sew something as a gift for someone else
12. See BNL in concert
13. Visit my father's grave in Iowa
14. Visit the Biltmore
15. Visit 101 places from the 1001 Places to See Before You Die book
16. Family Photo Shoot [DJ & Ollie]
17. Go Skydiving with DJ
18. Go to a professional baseball game
19. Go to a professional football game
20. Go to a college bowl game
21. Eat vegetarian for a month
22. Go on a honeymoon 
23. Go to Las Vegas 
24. Try 30 new recipes
25. Visit Harry Potter World at IOA
26. Visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
27. Visit the Coca Cola factory 
28. Visit Sweetwater Brewery 
29. Change a diaper
30. Take steps towards having a baby

I know, #30 is crazy, but don't get all excited - I don't turn 30 for almost two years and it states "take STEPS" not procreate. woof.

what's on your list?


Sarah said...

This is an excellent list! I can help with many of these/have suggestions:
1. Professional football game: well, the Panthers did just draft the best quarterback in the country so I propose a trip to Charlotte this fall!
2. Please PLEASE let me come to Harry Potter world with you. I am DYING to go.
3. I think we should do Coca-Cola in July when I come to ATL!
4. I don't know what a rainbow cake is, but it certainly sounds good!

Christina said...

I get to go to atl in June and you can bet I'll be at sweet water!!!

Nikki said...

basically "practice like crazy for a baby?" Why haven't you changed a diaper?

Now I want pie...

Tara said...

I did a 101 in 1001 list rather than a 30 before 30 list. I don't really know why. But i Have a lot of mundane stuff on it anyway.

amy said...

Great list!!

Sadly, it would be very hard for me to come up with a list...seeing that my 30th birthday is in 24 days! *sigh*

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