Thursday, May 26, 2011

random ramblings...

having one of those days were I can't focus on anything... maybe it's because I know there's a three day weekend very near in my future and there are only two of us in the office today... maybe it's just because I'm a spaz... either way, here are some random thoughts for you...

Did Lauren and Scotty kiss last night on American Idol? Is it weird that I googled it? I feel like a creepster being so interested in their love life. I think they should fall in love. It would make me happy.

Like the other 1438989 women that watched Idol last night, I want Carrie Underwood's legs. However, I think I like cheeseburgers a little too much for that ever to be a reality, oh well - that's life. I like cheeseburgers.

Oliver has learned how to open the bathroom door... all semblance of privacy that I had before is over... the other night I was showering and I hear him barking, so I open the curtain and he's sitting there with his head shoved in the door just barking. I tell him to shut it several times, then when I'm done he's sitting outside the door waiting for me... like this...
my dog is a pervert. gross.
[so clearly, I took a picture of him and texted it to DJ with that same caption]

if you're still reading and I haven't throughly disgusted you by showing you by pervert dog's red rocket... here's another winner, so DJ and I were driving down in Atlanta on sunday and we saw this...
In what world is this okay.... seriously? wtf. creepy.

So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight and I'm all giggly and cheery just thinking about it, Jiggggaaa get excited to watch with me [DJ doesn't know it, but he's going to love the show and watch every episode with me... if he knows what's good for him]

well, that was my spaz out blog post of the day. hope you enjoyed it. 

what random ramblings are taking over your brain today?


Nikki said...

I laughed out loud and then had to show my coworker your dogs penis. Ollie must like your legs ;)

I'm SSSOOOOO excited for SYTYCD!! So excited.

Hannah Sullivan said...

Im having the same type as day... My goodness, hopefully after memorial day weekend passes--- it will get better!

Lacey said...

1. I think Lauren & Scotty should fall in love too!
2. I said the same thing... I want Carrie's legs!
3. Oliver is so cute!

Ashley said...

I feel like the only woman in the universe that doesn't want her legs...they are a bit too chiseled for my liking And like you I LOVE me some cheeseburgers =)

My husband is excited about SYTYCD -- he likes the guys that can hip hop -- that is what he grew up with. He is always looking for guys he went to school with lol

amy said...

super excited for SYTYCD tonight!!!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

hahaha! i love this post!! the pupper is SO freakin cute! and I would kill for those legs!! what a lucky B!!!

Married...with a Pup said...

LOL, couldn't stop laughing after that pic! Oh my. Anyway, I love SYTYCD and can't wait for the season!

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