Friday, May 6, 2011


holly over at running in stilettos tagged me in a "10 favorite things" survey... get excited - because, you know, I'm really exciting. in no particular order [insert drumroll]... 


1. My Camera [Photography]
I try to always  have a camera with me, and if I don't no worries, the iPhone is always ready to snap away. Photography is a huge part of who I am and what I'm passionate about... lately, I have been slack about using my big girl Nikon lately [it just doesn't fit in my cute little clutches] but I'm vowing to get better about whipping it out [not like that you perv]. 
Here are some of my favorite "stills" that I've taken... 
I know I'm no Ansel but I would like to think I have a decent eye.

2. My Profession
I know I may never be rich, but I have gained so much from being in student affairs. The past seven years have challenged me and rewarded me in ways ways could never describe. I know that I get to make a difference, and I'll be the first to admit, I don't always get through and I have had my heart broken by students but I don't regret my career choice for one minute.  Also, I've made connections that will last me a lifetime with some of my old students. As an only child, they truly are like my little brothers and sisters. I care about all of my "babies" so much from over the years [with the exception of maybe one, but thats an embezzlement story for another day]. And yes, throwing the ZTA Crown is mandatory in pictures when you work for me... 

I mean, do I really need to explain? he's the snuggly-est, lovable-est and most amazing-est [I know those aren't real words, I have a masters degree don't judge me] puppy in the world. I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love him... in fact, sometimes I get scared that I won't love my kids as much as I love him [I know, I'm a terrible person].  Anyways, here's the latest gushy story about Ollie... so last night I was blowdrying my hair [for the first time in like eternity, I've gotten lazy] and I shut the bathroom door bc DJ was doing some work on the computer... well I thought I heard something and I stopped, opened the bathroom door and this is what I see....
could he be any cuter? he literally sat outside the bathroom the entire time I blowdried my hair and then came and cuddled with me for a bit before I went to bed. seriously. I love him.

Is it wrong that I listed my dog before my husband? Oh well, he doesn't sit outside the bathroom door and look at me adoringly while I blowdry my hair so what can I say... but seriously - no one has ever made me feel the way that my danny j has, he puts me at ease like no other, makes me laugh and smile [and get annoyed and yell] and he truly, truly is my soulmate. he is my favorite person in the entire world and I consider myself the luckiest gal out there that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.  we've been friends for over half our lives and he makes all my days sweeter. oh jigga, you maybe a gator in jean shorts but I still love you. forever and ever amen.

5. Food
Don't judge me. I really do. Particulary: sushi, pizza and french fries. I could live off of those foods alone.... and maybe strawberries. YUM. and cheeseburgers.... ahhhh cheeseburgers. I could also eat our wedding food every day for the rest of my life. so. darn. good.

6. Friends
This doesn't really need an explanation. I have the most selfless, giving, fun, unconditional loving, amazing and special friends in the world. Now if only we could all live in the same town, on the same block for the rest of our lives... okay, maybe 5 mile radius. 
Is that too much to ask? 

7. Reading [books/kindle]
There are fewer things that will relax me and just engulf me more than a good book. I LOVE to read. Feel free to peruse the books I've read so far this year now here. Right now I'm reading The Help and re-reading Something Borrowed [cannot WAIT to see the movie]. I just got a kindle too which is very quickly becoming one of my very favorite things.

8. Sweatpants
my friends are laughing as they read this because they know its true. I LOVE sweatpants, these in particular [I just might own five three pairs of those... I just gave two to goodwill, it was getting excessive]. The first thing I do when I get home [and am not leaving again] is put on sweatpants... lets be real, often I will leave the house in sweatpants. I love them so much that I gave each of my bridesmaids a pair of sweatpants for being in my wedding [and jewlery] so that I wouldn't be the only one wearing them when we went to the salon [and they were so cute].  I know what you're thinking, DJ is one LUCKY guy to have such a sexy wife. Proof of my hotness in sweats [and that I hold Ollie in my lap a lot]:

aka the other man in my life. seriously, it's like crack. I just can't put it down sometimes... also, I feel lost without it...  I really don't have too much more to say about that - I just love my iPhone. if you have one, you totally get it. [oooh that was judgey of me - ouch sorry]

oh man. I wish I didn't love dessert, it's one of my many downfalls. I particularly love chocolate chip cookies and funfetti cake.... okay and creme brulee,  chocolate pot de cremes, brownies, york peppermint patties... the list goes on. honestly, I blame Pat. Pat was the cook in the ZTA house - and we had dessert every day. so now, it's like pavlov's dog - meal over, DING - need cookie... or cupcake... or brownie... SUGGGGARR. 

hope you enjoyed that glimpse into my silly little life and beautiful mind. I know, I'm just a little nutty, I like to think it's part of my charm. and I would love to hear what YOUR favorite things are:

whitney @ cheerios & beer
krist-n @ little lady

happy friday puppies!


Audra said...

Great list!!

I work in student affairs too, so I know exactly what you mean. It's rewarding in so many ways (minus the financial way, haha).

Your dog is ADORABLE! We want a dog just like him.

Holly said...

Love you list...and your dog is adorable!!! I just want to squeeze him!

I work at a University, too. Not in student affairs, but I've been adopted into their department for special occasions :)

Nikki said...

I love all your loves. I can't wait to see "Something Borrowed" either. I might drag my Husband ;)

And my iphone...don't even get me started.

amy said...

I love this list!!

Your pictures you took are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

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