Monday, May 9, 2011

tomminator @ fox brothers bbq

tots smothered in Brunswick Stew and covered with melted cheese
...aka heaven.

come to atlanta and run to fox brothers bbq so you can enjoy the delicious treat that was the tomminator!

Our friends were in town and introduced us to fox brothers and the tomminator. we also got fried pickles/jalapeño chips [amaaazing] and DJ and I shared a veggie plate [four sides, yes please] - where we got a Brunswick stew, brisket chili, frito pie, and [my personal favorite] fox-a-roni [macaroni & cheese and Brunswick stew]... I know, we had a lot of Brunswick stew that day, I've become obsessed with it since my dear friend Sarah introduced it to me years ago - love those 'bama roots! Also, clearly, we scarfed our food down so fast I didn't get pictures of the rest of it, oops.

*I know what you're thinking - but don't worry, I ate it on the weekend - so calories didn't count. [yes, this is the downfall to my weightloss]


Sarah said...

Hahaha, I just had brunswick stew for lunch! Last batch until I go to Alabama to restock on the ingredients. Next time I'll have to combine it with some tater tots! Two of my favorite foods! Amazing!

Nikki said...

I've never heard of this...but I am wiping drool off my chin as I type.

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