Thursday, May 5, 2011

yes please. seriously, PLEASE.

"my mind checkbook is telling me noooo, but my body longing for cute shoes, my body  longing for cute purses is telling me yes..."

[please tell me you got that rkelly reference.]

must. not. shop. 
must. not shop. 
must. not. shop.

this is what I keep repeating to myself but it's so damn difficult when I keep stumbling upon things that are just BEGGING me to buy them... for example.

I recently got rid of a pair of old espadrilles - they were dying and needed to go to the shoe heaven known as goodwill... and my shoe collection misses them. let's be honest, I usually wear flats but summer to me is a cute pair of espadrilles and shorts and/or summery skirts. I've been good about [not] replacing them. 

Enter Exhibit A:

seriously. it's a crime not to buy these shoes... however, I don't want to get divorced I feel like my husband would be disappointed in me if I bought them [after scrutinizing his every purchase]... so I'm resisting... for now.

and then there are purses... I mean, a girl can never have too many - especially cute babies like this...

Enter Exhibit B:

seriously. could that bag be any cuter? I want to build it a nursery and call it my baby. btw - this bag has  an equally cute polka-dotted sister.  why did I decide to go into education again? seriously, I could be living the dream making six figures swimming in kate spade purses and adorable shoes.... but no, no, I had to make a difference and impact lives. damnit. oh well, save me a spot in martyr heaven - I'm going to be a humble state servant for life. 

someone please go buy those shoes and that purse and send me emails telling me how great they are and how I need to own them [so I can show DJ and make him guiltily tell me I should buy them, duh]. maybe oliver will buy them for me for mother's day? what? I'm a great puppy mom. OKAY. off my woe is me I need pretty new red things soapbox. 

in other news, the sliced apples I just attempted to eat as a snack were bad [slimy and soft] - GROSS. seriously. I'm going to give up on being healthy. cheeseburger anyone?


Ashley said...

Loving the red for this summer! I can't surf dsw because I have no self control lol. I, love their shoes and their deals are unreal

Kristin said...

sick slimey apples?! i had some slimey carrots the other day and i almost puked. i'm having a hard time resisting cute summer shoes as well...we'll see how long i can hold off!

Nikki said...

Screw the shoes, go for the purse! You might be single but you'll have an adorable purse!

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