Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've got a fever...

...and the only prescription is more cowbell

english bulldog puppies to be exact... I think Ollie needs a little friend. I was just reminiscing on how little and sweet he was [he's still the sweetest boy in the world, I just think he wants a friend].

here's our baby boy when we first got him -- don't you just want to SQUEEEEZE him so tight!?!

so what does any desperate for puppy cuteness self-respecting adult do? 
turn to youtube.

where I found these adorable english bulldog puppy videos...

but wait...
what's cuter than puppies? babies.
what's cuter than babies? english bulldogs + babies.

maybe Ollie needs a different kinda friend.
nah, we'll stick to one little guy for now.


Sarah said...

Um, I seriously thought you were about to announce your pregnancy via blog. Way to build up the suspense! Oh, and cute videos. :)

Tara said...

just keep in mind that a second dog completely changes the dynamics of a home ;) and one dog is plenty of work...two is practically impossible at times!

jessica said...

sometime i think bosco needs friend too... lol.. i would love to get another pup... maybe one of these days!

have a great wednesday!

ps: i'm hosting a giveaway for an awesome ampersand sign... hope you'll join in!

Nikki said...

Ollie needs a baby! DO IT. Literally ;)

bullie_mama said...

TOO.STINKIN.CUTE!! you sounds like me, looking up cute Bullie vids on YouTube. But I'd rather have 10 Bullies than any babies. just me. ;-)
Feel better!

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