Thursday, December 15, 2011

18 weeks!

holy guac-a-mole. baby j's due date is SIX MONTHS away. that may seem like forever to a lot of you, but I can't believe that in less than half a year (give or take a day/week/month - who knows) we'll have a baby. A BABY. I can't wait. I am also trying to synthesize the giant to-do list in my head of things to do, buy, research in those six months before I'm expected to care for an infant... I guess I should change a diaper, I quazi-did the other day... oh and I put it on backwards. yeah. I should learn how to do that, huh?

anyways, I'm excited to be in my 18th week and for the next two weeks of VACATION, heck yes. My mom also comes tomorrow (hooray!) - this will only be our fourth time seeing her in the entire freaking year of 2011. can you believe that? I'm the worst daughter.

also, I realize I haven't said this yet -- thank you all for your sweet comments to my letter to my father last week... It's been a difficult day for the past five years but it gets easier and I just am thankful of the 24 years I did get to spend with my dad and passing on the lessons he taught me to our child!

anyways, I'm 18 weeks pregnant and here's the dish -
  • baby j is the size of a sweet potato/bell pepper this week (5.5 inches long and almost 7 ounces!)
  • I'm feeling pretty good, other than my back hurting - I'm so ready for this vacation to not have to commute into the city and sit at a desk for 8 hours a day... aka to be sloth-like on the couch
  • gender: as I posted yesterday... still no word. can't wait to share what it is next week! I also have a poll on the right sidebar, get your votes in while you can (it'll close on Monday morning!)
  • number of scarves knitted this week: 2! I learned to knit this week! Oliver is the proud new owner of a fancy scarf and then I just made another one for practice -- I'm so excited to go buy fun yarn and knit baby goodies! :)
  • number of commencement ceremonies baby j attended: one - and I had parents I'd never met before asking me when I was due, eeeee I'm officially obviously showing to strangers! why is that exciting to me? who knows. I feel like I'm bigger than I should be at this point, but oh well -hopefully my pictures bring glee to other pregnant women so I can make them feel small, you're welcome skinny minis.
  • eating: everything in sight... specifically clementines, chicken salad, christmas cookies and string cheese. maybe this is why I'm bigger than I should be. oh well! 
  • prenatal yoga: I did it once! well, I did the first thirty-five minutes of it and then laid on the floor and played with Oliver napped for the last 25. don't judge, he's to blame [aka sitting in my lap when I'm trying to meditate]. 
  • leg cramps: one, in the middle of the night - I screamed. let's hope this doesn't become a trend.
  • hormones: all out of wack. I go from overwhelming joy to wanting to strangle people within minutes. let's just leave it at that!
18 weeks - just me & my sweet po-ta-ter...

my 18th week in photographs...
1. a baby in my belly, a baby bully on my belly! 2. ollie's morning tickle from daddy 3. learning to knit! the makings of ollie's scarf  
4. I'm a good wife and Santa came early for Danny! 5. Dinner with Grandma 6. a Holiday tradition in our house - White Christmas! [remember that time I forgot how to count and didn't include 7?!] 8. baby j's first taste of lobster - they likey! 
9. Ollie modeling his new scarf! 10. our new favorite morning coffee shop, west egg! 11. I finally made rainbow cupcakes [more on this next week] 12. my favorite picture of the week... Ollie cuddling with his new brother/sister

don't forget to vote on the gender poll and I'll report back the details on Monday! :)


whitney said...

how cute is that pic of ollie...holy shittake.

that's a frame-r!

Cole said...

I love, love, love that last picture of Ollie cuddling his sibling as he/she bakes. :-)

Heather said...

You look so cute! Can't wait for your ultrasound.

Sarah said...

1.Look how cute you are knitting scarves! I need to learn how to knit…I might save money on the 8 scarves I buy every year….
2.White Christmas….my FAVORITE! I grew up watching that (I might have even watched it year round and tried to do “sisters” with my friends in a talent show…..), I seriously know every word and every song. I think I may have to watch it tonight…..
3.That cupcake…I am going to need you to send me one….or a dozen…mmmkay!? Thanks! 

Carmen said...

Aww great post and fab pictures - the one with your dog and bump is so cute! You mentioned back pain and when i was pregnant what helped me out massively was getting an electric recliner chair - they are SO comfy and help you get in/out of the chair = less back pain!

dave and jenn said...

You look great for 18 weeks!

I forgot to mention in my post the other day that we have an Oliver too... :)

Very impressed that you learned to knit as well. That's one momma task I never accomplished!

Anna said...

Ollie's scarf. Seriously.

too much.

____j said...

You look so cute! But besides that...I'm predicting it's a girl. Mostly because all of my friends who have boys 'accidentally' found out around 12 weeks. I mean if IT'S there it's there. And if it's's a girl. End of story ;)

Nikki said...

What is that little knitter thingy?

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