Wednesday, December 7, 2011


today is one of those days where I feel so lucky to be able to sit back and take in all that is my life. here I am, at my desk - in my cozy office feeling full.

full from the delicious mexican lunch that I was able to afford and eat and by eat, I mean scarf down in 2.2 seconds [and full from all the calories I just ingested but we won't talk about that].

full of love for my family - this time of year always brings days and nights filled with reflection of where I came from and who I am - and the people who have impacted me most.

full of pride and accomplishment for what I do. I may not be rich in dollars but I make a difference and I help people every day. I feel lucky and proud that I can say that.

full of admiration, respect and most of all love for my amazing husband and best friend. there are days where I have to pinch myself that we're actually married and living this fairy tale [living in a basement apartment might not be your version of a fairy tale, but for right now - it's mine]. I don't know what I did right in the first 26 years of my life that finally helped me realize what was in front of me for the past decade but I'm glad I did it. DJ is not perfect, and neither am I. we fight, we bicker, I cry, he gets annoyed. it's life. but, we live it with each other and for each other. he truly is my soul-mate and I am proud to be his wife.

full in my uterus [what, it's true? hah] - okay, that's not the nicest way to say it... how about full in my heart with love for this little baby that is growing inside of me. I don't know what sex the baby is, who it'll look like, what it's name is, how it will act - but I love it so much already. I talk to our baby everyday - love it, sing to it, feel it fluttering around and I can't even begin to put into words the emotions that run through me when I think of our sweet baby j. our dream come true.

so here I am. happy as a clam and full as can be.
life is good. 
so today, I'll be an optimist - my glass will be half full and my heart full to the brim.


sarah said...

this made my heart happy :) i hope to one day feel as full as you xo

Curly Girl Confessions said...


Katie said...

yay! so happy for you!

Sarah said...

What a happy little post! :)

Nikki said...

Oh hormones...send some my way!

Not the full uterus part though ;) j/k, very sweet.

Maria said...

Love this post! It's so great to be married to the person who truly understands you and makes life (even the bad parts) worth living. I'm happy for you two and happy for that baby to be coming into a loving home. Just when you thought your heart was full, your love will continue to grow and grow and grow...

Lil' Woman said...

That quote is the best! :)

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