Friday, December 2, 2011

random laughs....

oh friday, here at last. ready for the work day to be over? I am. so excited for next 48 hours of relaxation and doing nothing. heck to the yes. as today is an extremely productive day in the office [actually it really was] we were sharing some giggles off of some great finds, and unlike what DJ thinks of my "only child issues" I can share, so today my gift to you - some friday laughs...

first - one of my all-time favorite funny pictures of Oliver just because I saw it today and it's amazingly hilarious...

[if this doesn't make you laugh, something is wrong with you]

happy friday - here's to the weekend, I'm excited for no big plans and just doing some baby gear research (any recommendations on.... anything?) and loads of reading and laying around. here's to a relaxing weekend for everyone!


Sarah said...

1. I watched Science Bob with Neil and Kelly yesterday....LOVED it, laughed hysterically, I want one of those balloons to make my voice sound like that!

2. I saw that Virgin Couple Kiss on TV a few days ago....oh. my. gawd. is that awful?! And they just keep going at it!!

3. Bad Santa photos....nothing better to pass the time when you feel like "pretending" to work! :)

4. The dancing bulldog, adorable! And I bet Mr. Oliver could do that! :)

Happy Weekend!!

kristen said...

the virgin couple literally had me laughing out loud.

and the pup had me in tears!! so sweet!

tugs runs as soon as he hears bath water!! he knows his momma takes a shower so hes under the bed when the bath tub comes on!!

Maria said...

Thanks for the laughs! As for baby gear, here's what worked for me. I only have one baby (10 months) so I'm kinda new at this, but these things helped:

1. Baby swing = peace!

2. Swaddling. At least for the first few weeks; it helps.

3. I didn't have this but I wish I had. Get lotsa movies, magazines, tv shows, books to help you during round the clock feedings and to keep you entertained when you can't sleep at 3:00am.

Lil' Woman said...

That is the most awkward and terrifying kiss I ever saw.

Wiz said...

"Put the lotion in the basket." Hysterical. And the kiss...that CANT be real. Please say its not real. That was just PAINFUL!

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness too funny!

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