Thursday, December 22, 2011

19 weeks...

19 weeks is here! I can't believe we're almost at the halfway point (I know, every week I can't believe how far we are... get used to it). It's been a really great week as we had lots of quality family time, a great family hanukkah party and just basic sloth time relaxing around the house.  I got to spend time with my mom and my best friend - what could be better?! Our little girl has been fluttering around a storm in my belly and I can't wait to start feeling her kick and for DJ to feel her move!

19 week breakdown:
  • baby j is the size of a mango! six inches long and weighs about 8.5 ounces.
  • gender: bring on the five pointed crowns, we have a ZTA legacy! It's a girl
  • I've been feeling alright this week, just having a bit of a sore throat, lots of coughing and general achey-ness... but I've enjoyed having lots of downtime just relaxing and hanging out with our sweet girl (in my belly, hah)
  • We got the results of our second trimester screening test and everything came back normal, which is a huge relief! 
  • current cravings: barbeque popchips, strawberry ice cream, fresh fruit, anything and everything. let's just say I've gained a bit [LOT] more weight than what I've been reading I should have at this point, oh well. that's life - pass the ice cream.
  • time spent without DJ: three days/two nights. sad. he just got back from his business trip last night! Ollie and I are so happy to have him back!
  • number of episodes of 16 and Pregnant Watched: 6 [all in one day. pathetic. I know]
  • number of games of Phase 10 played on my iPad: 2093. seriously. a LOT.
  • leg cramps: happening pretty much every night now, no fun. 
  • hours spent researching strollers and infant carriers: 3244
19 weeks bumpin, bumpin - in my uniform of the week, sweatpants and tank tops... 

our 19th week in pictures...

 1. yummy mexican skillet from tin lizzies 2. ollie the big brother snoozing in his bed 3. OPI - Princesses Rule [appropriate for the night we found out that we have a little princess on the way] 4. ollie cuddling with his little sister
1. It's a girl! We were so excited to share the news with everyone! 2. Ollie loving on his grandmas 3. popchips... yup, I ate the whole bag. yum. 4. my new pandora bracelet! don't you love the baby carriage?!

so there it is - excited for christmas this weekend and a fun week next week spending quality time together, a fun night with friends AND celebrating our two year anniversary! 


Stephanie said...

Love how the nail polish was appropriate for the baby's gender! :)

natasha {schue love} said...

Oh you look great!! Can't wait to start feeling the flutters!!

Rachel said...

Awww I love your bump pics! So cute! And random, but I love that nail polish color, its so pretty! Congratulations on your baby girl!! Are you going to share the names?

Rachel said...

omg i just looked over the post again and saw there is an app for Phase10?!?! I LOVE that game! Do you play other people or just on the ipad?

Married...with a Pup said...

First, you look great! Second, no idea of Phase 10...must look it up now, haha!

whitney said...

i want your week.

i so glad you guys know what the gender is so now you can ask for an absurd amount of baby clothes.

she has to be stylish.


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