Wednesday, November 24, 2010

black wednesday.

happy black wednesday - or as I know it, "my husband's favorite day of the year"

yup. black wednesday: the night before thanksgiving, aka one of the biggest drinking days of the year. madness in every town, unofficial high school reunions galore.... we'll be spending it in downtown GB (love that we live walking distance from the bars) where I'm sure to run into 1-3 of DJ's old "flames" - let the making people uncomfortable fun begin! haha - seriously though, I'm excited for a four day weekend with my love, christmas shopping & decorating, college football and sleeping in. oh yeah, thanksgiving dinner is somewhere in there too... as I'm trying to lose a few lbs it's just kinda making me anxious... oh well. I'll try and stay strong (yeah right). I think I might dress up like these dogs to make the day a little more festive...

on a completely different note... it's crazy to think a year ago on this day I had just flown into town to see Danny.... I can't even put into words what that day was like or how I knew that my gut was right all along - he was and is my soulmate.

{"us" - one year ago}

happy happy {early} thanksgiving!


Brittany said...

You are too cute for words!!

I love that picture!!

We were just talking about the night before at the bars! I can't go out this year since I work tomorrow morning, but I wish I could!!

Have fun.. and just know you're soooo much hotter then the ex.flames! :)))

Tara of CT Yankees in SC and Traveler's Tales said...

yup, that's why I'm glad that we live 900 miles from where we grew up! nary an ex girlfriend in sight. He's not so fortunate as my ex lives nearby, but thankfully seeing him out at bars downtown isn't really a possibility!

Smart Ass Sara said...

If you dress your doggie up like that, I'm kidnapping him. Nobody wants to be a Pilgrim.


jules said...

It's so funny how the night before Thanksgiving has turned into unofficial High School reunions! Have a great night out on the town!

Christina said...

Ha yes. . . same for Seans little town. It's nice to have his friends though. It IS SO nice not to live by any ex's and luckily none of Seans are ever around.

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