Monday, November 1, 2010

daily dose of husband cuteness....

there's something about watching my husband play with babies - he's just so good with kids that it almost makes want to have a baby with him... ALMOST.

I mean, yes, I want to have a baby with him - just not yet... give us a year or two! I will admit though, sometimes when I watch him I feel that proverbial kick in the gut (ovaries?) telling me to get a move on it... then the baby cries and my gut (ovaries) get all twisted and I get anxious and sweaty... ah! day we'll give Oliver a baby brother or sister - but for now, he plays very well on his own (such a good only child). Anyways, enough baby chatter... mom don't get your hopes up - you still have a good year or so before you get anything more than your "four legged grandchild" (yes, she calls him that). Enjoy your daily dose of husband (and nephew max) cuteness... look closely at the first few and you might get an extra chuckle (yes, we're very mature).

yup. he's a keeper, my sweet Danny J.....


Brittany said...


seriously the cutest.

You should see how many pictures I have of aidyn flipping off the finger!

Any time his middle finger gets hurt I take a picture.. so then he'll show it to me, and doesnt know what he's doing!

ha ha

I am a terrible and VERY mature mother :)

Nikki said...

I like how Max looks a little disgusted by his humor ;)

I feel the same way when Bryan holds babies. But then we go to bed, wake up...uninterruped and it is GOOD.

amy said...

OMGoodness!! These pictures are so cute!!!

amy said...
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