Sunday, November 28, 2010

turkey trot!

guess who got her hungover husband up at 8:00am 
on thanksgiving to go for a run? 
that would be this gal!

we headed over to The Annual Great Barrington Turkey Trot with Jenny and Will where we had some running fun with our Crossfit buds... Will and Danny ran the 10K... Jenny and I ran the 2 miler....

I felt pretty good - I met my two goals (less than a 10 minute mile and to run the whole time) - I ran it in 19 minutes (9:30 pace) and came in 77th out of 158, not amazing - but considering I haven't run in months I'm proud of myself! My overachiever husband (who was still drunk) ran the 10K in 44:30 (7:10 pace) and came in 38th out of 183! Isn't he amazing?!

Did you trot before turkey too?


carmen said...

I wish I could say I did. Be sure to stop by my blog and check out my giveaway.

Aimee said...

Actually alcohol helps you run faster ;)

Good job to both of you! You both did fantastic@

jules said...

I commend you both! Oh, and love his shirt too!

Nikki said...

You guys are dedicated! I did go to hot yoga the day after thanksgiving. It was brutal.

Tara of CT Yankees in SC and Traveler's Tales said...

I wish I could say I went for a run or something of the sort on Thanksgiving...but I could barely drag myself out of bed after the big night we had, haha

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