Monday, November 8, 2010

I feel skinnier already...

...okay, not really - but I can pretend.

day 2: no breads no sugars.... and I still have NOT fallen off the wagon (like the kitty pictured above) I'm still alive and I haven't knocked over a small child to steal his candy bar yet. I'm proud of myself, I've stayed strong and I could have had ample opportunity to cheat but I haven't. I keep picturing myself in my wedding dress and it makes it worth it.  yesterday was difficult - but we were (pretty) good....

things I ate: omelet, sausage (no bun), pickled veggies, chicken soup, clam chowder, calamari (maybe not good for me but so worth it).

things I said no to: toast, pancakes, eggs benedict (YUM), apple cider donuts, dessert....

aren't you proud? I'm realizing I need to start eating breakfast because 11:30am rolls around and I'm STARVING... today I had a bunless burger for lunch (leftovers from the dinner we made Saturday night), having apple and some carrots as a snack, and lots of water! Tonight,  I'm having salad for dinner and going to crossfit...


oh crossfit... I'm not going to lie - I love crossfit. It's kicking my butt in the best and worst kind of way - it's amazing how in pain I am after some workouts. I really do feel accomplished though - I'm doing things I never thought I could do and I feel myself improving and things getting (slightly) easier.  I climbed the rope a few weeks back for the first time EVER - it was an amazing feeling! I'm annoyed with myself because when I first moved to the berkshires DJ told me I should try it but I didn't because of money and I didn't think I could do it - now I realize that really anyone can do it - you just have to focus... I'm going to keep telling myself that as I'm stressing over today's workout --

Today's WOD of the day is:
Three rounds for time of:
20 L-pull-ups
Run 800 meters

I'm not too excited about running outside in the sleet and 36 degree weather - so I might be rowing instead, we'll see - it'll be a game day decision (based on whether or not I have an asthma attack WALKING to crossfit in the cold). And let's be honest, I cannot do L-pull-ups (YET) so it'll be interesting to see how that gets modified... oh man oh man. Also, I'll be doing knees to elbows as a modification because I can't do toes to bar (YET) either.... someone might have to carry me home after this doozy.

like I said, I love crossfit - I can feel the difference in my body (slightly) based on being just a tad more muscular... but honestly, there hasn't been much of a difference in the past month and I know exaclty why - I haven't changed my diet. SO - now that I'm commiting 100% eating right/working out I'm excited to (fingers crossed) see results!

Off to drink my water and eat my apple - send me healthy thoughts! :)


Connecticut Yankees In South Carolina said...

If it makes you feel any better, the only thing that keeps me running throughout the winter is the fact that if I don't take my dogs out twice a day they drive me NUTS!

Nikki said...

You totally will see a difference. I'm doing hot yoga twice a week and am pretty good with Paleo and the other day I looked at my butt in the mirror in a dressing room (we all know those lights and mirrors are awful!) and I actually thought it looked good. You're completely right. You can exercise until you're dizzy but it is about diet too.

It becomes easier, you'll see. My sugar craving is pretty easily subdued with just mango dried fruit slices from Trader Joe's.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I have a nightly date with my fuckmill. I would much prefer walking outside but it's too damn cold. But last night? I ran a 1/4 mile. Which was awesome. What wasn't awesome was the fact I thought I was dying after. But I got my 30 minute walk in anyways. :)

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