Tuesday, November 16, 2010

does she not have friends?

this post is dedicated to my dear friend sara - who I've decided needs a smile and laugh... what better way to make someone smile than making fun of other people?

not nice? yes. true - but wait, don't judge me yet... just keep reading....

I call this post "does she not have friends?" because that is the question I kept asking Danny after seeing what you're about to see...

let me set the scene for you... DJ and I are walking around downtown Boston on Saturday afternoon and I spot four girls (18-24ish) walking in front of us... I turn to DJ and say see, at least I don't wear my PJ pants in broad daylight [*sidenote: DJ makes fun of me for wearing sweatpants to the grocery store at night... whatever, I'm not trying to impress anybody] - referring to two young "ladies" wearing VS sweat pants as they walk around Boston... he then starts laughing and going on about something else then I notice that one of the other girls is wearing some rather see-through pants with a nice BRIGHT blue thong.... I'll just let you see for yourself...


Dear friends,
If I EVER leave the house with my ass showing like that please PROMPTLY tell me.

I mean... seriously. That's classic.

Sara - SMILE, I love you!

In other news, I'm in Toronto and roaming and can't get phone calls or texts... I mean, I can - but I'm cheap so I refuse to. I turned off the "airplane mode" on my phone for like 2 seconds today and got this text [which probably cost me $5 but was worth it]

DJ: We love you so much!

awww. I love them too... aren't they the cutest? only one more night away from them! Boston and "I'm so excited USC beat UF" posts coming soon! :)


Smart Ass Sara said...

This post convinced me that we could be real life besties. Because I? Would have been all over that and taking pictures too. People need to know that if you are going to leave your house looking like an asshole- you deserve it. I'm sorry. Doesn't she do the mirror butt check? I always do. And honestly? I would maybe have asked her if she knew her pants were see through.

Thanks- this post DID make me smile! :)

And as I type this, my cat Stumpy is rubbing his butt on the monitor. I think he loves you too.

jules said...

My girl friends and I was deliberated for a solid 10 minutes on which pair of underwear I should wear until a white skirt. It was floor length and Savannah in the middle of summer. A slip was not an option, but commando was. The thong and the light pink boy cut both showed a little but in the end I think I went boy cut. It was night time though.

That girls friends were not being honest if they said, "its not that bad."

Shirley said...

She had to have known. Look at how stinkin' tight those are.

____j said...

WHO does that?! LOL I swear you could probably see at least 5 people looking exactly like that if you stepped onto my campus right now though. Sad, so very sad.

Brittany said...

A) No one should EVER EVER EVER in a million years EVER wear leggings as pants! Theres only .5% of women who can pull them off!

I wear thicker leggings with a t-shirt to bed.. Otherwise its with dresses! Period!


B) I love love love the picture of hubs and pups! Too cute! AYo're so lucky!

Hope your friend smiled :)

Mr O said...

I love that you did that for Sara. That's really awesome.

And j is right, it's sad how many people do that. I've never actually seen the thong showing though, haha.

And should the trash talking begin for the AU/SC game? It's not gonna start for me, as I'm pretty nervous. You earn the right to be in the SEC championship and they deserve respect for doing so.

Tara of CT Yankees in SC and Tara's Travels said...

Oh my word.

Leggings as pants--as in, leggings worn with shirts that don't cover your bum--is a NO NO. But those look more like tights than leggings, or like really really cheap leggings. Sigh.

Aimee said...

Wow seriously... I cringe everytime I see girls wearin leggins as pants. OK um yah... Leggings are designed to go under skirts, dresses, and long shirts (and by long I mean they cover your butt fully). Leggins are not pants. SMH

Awww how cute :0

Anonymous said...

Nice.women should go out more like that.

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