Monday, November 29, 2010

shutterfly holiday cards? yes please!

just another reason I love shutterfly... they're doing a great blogger promotion where you can get 50 free holiday cards...?! come on, who doesn't like free photo holiday cards? AND they have a GREAT Christmas Card and Holiday Card Collection! (not to mention ornaments and calendars too.... oh I could do some damage Christmas shopping)

I try and do holiday cards every year - and have done photocards the past few years with my student staff... that was really fun because I sent a card to each of their families to tell them what a great job their kids was doing and how much I appreciated them... I think it was cool for their families to see their family at school....

BUT this year will be especially exciting [for many reasons including] because it will be the first year that DJ and I do a joint holiday card... DJ [aka scrooge] wants it to be just of Oliver, but he doesn't know what he's talking about I want some pictures of us too... that's why I'm loving all the choices at shutterfly - we can do a multiple photo card... I'm torn on which one I want to do -- help!

here are some of my fav's from the shutterfly website --

what are your thoughts? traditional? funky? fun? all of the above?
also, I need to go through our pictures and decide which ones we want to include, I definitely want to have one of these two from our (first) wedding day:

and this one (aka DJ's fav pic of Ollie)....
and lastly maybe a picture of the three of us.... now I just need to find one (or wrangle the boys together to take one this week).... WISH ME LUCK! :)

also - bloggers, want to get 50 free holiday cards of your own - visit this link to fill out the form!

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Tara of CT Yankees in SC and Traveler's Tales said...

we got the free cards, SO exciting :) we did the "top 10" one because it allowed three photos AND allowed us to tell people what went on this year...they're lovely! plus the back is blank and we can write notes on them. I love me some shutterfly!

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