Friday, November 5, 2010

say what?'s FRIDAY?
say what?!
this week has flown by - and I'm not complaining....

I'm so excited to go home from work today and not think about it until 8:30am on Monday... 

DJ and I dont have much on the plate this weekend which is exciting - I'm going to go to crossfit tonight and then come home and have a glass of wine, do laundry, and clean out my hulu que.... amazing huh?

I'm excited for some QT with Oliver, he's so sweet, he misses couch time with mom (trust me, mom misses it too).  It really is crazy how fast this week flew by - we're less than 2 months away from the wedding! Which means things REALLY need to get checked off this to-do list and we really need to get our act together with the whole "eating" thing (aka not eating everything I see).

I think we're going to start the paleo diet - which scares me... but I'm really going to try. Has anyone out there done the paleo or zone before? any advice? blogs/websites? ANYTHING. I'm going to try really hard to stop eating sugar too... it's my downfall AND I'm going to start weighing myself again. I was regularly and then I stopped and I feel like weighing myself keeps me honest. Let's hope the weight "yo-yo-ing" stops now (lose 5lbs, gain 5lbs... story of my life).

In other news, we're going to Boston on Thursday to see Mumford and Sons and then we're going to spend the weekend there - just relaxing and doing our own thing! SO EXCITED!


Nikki said...

My dogs and I need a major couch date too!

I do paleo about 70/30...weekends are my downfall. Google: mark's daily apple, primal mama, jen's gone paleo, or even paleo recipes. I find it pretty easy and think way more about things I put in my mouth. We haven't bought a loaf of bread since April.

Brittany said...

I have a proposition..

you should just invite me to your wedding, and I'll just do a live blog feed of the whole thing..

what you say?


or you can just play along with my ornament swap! I love you just the same!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I love you and I love you are going to Mumford & Sons. Just lie to me and tell me they suck donkey balls live. ok?? :)

Jen said...

You're seeing M&S?? Oh how I love Little Lion Man! I play that song all the time!! Tell us how the concert is!

Connecticut Yankees In South Carolina said...

Have fun in Boston! I can't recommend Finale (for dinner/dessert) and John Harverd's (for beers) in Harvard Square enough...but if you're on a may not want to bother ;)

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