Monday, November 22, 2010

boston bruins and more fun...

here's another quick (belated) recap of our weekend in Boston... on Saturday, after seeing some classy ladies while we walked around Boston, we did a little shopping and basically just walked around. We went to The Salty Dog (we love basement bars) and had a few beers and watched college football.

We went home and then got freshened up and headed to the Flat Iron Tapas Bar for some tapas and drinks. I had quite possibly the BEST drink ever [made with apple and pear puree... pictured below] and shared some yummy tapas [coconut crusted shrimp, kobe sliders and calamari] - YUM.

then we went to The Penalty Box for a beer before the game...

then we were off to TD Garden... for the game - which was SO much fun!

after the game we headed back to the penalty box for the SC vs FL game... as you can tell by this amazing picture - SC won. It was unreal.... almost as unreal as the bar turning off the celtics game to turn on SEC football for me [what can I say, I'm a charmer].... seriously though, I'm so excited for December 3rd to watch SC compete vs Auburn.... even better we'll be in Wilmington and can watch with friends!

lastly, this picture sums up my husband quite well.... oh I love my hippie.

happy monday donkey [or elephant] fans!


bullie_mama said...

Looks like you had a great trip!!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I love going to watch hockey but Matt hates it. So I haven't see live hockey in... um.... 8years? SAD.

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