Monday, October 18, 2010

insert creative blog title about my weekend here....

oh what a weekend - hell, what a week... my poor husband has been working like crazy (his second cafe opened on Tuesday) and running on E so I went down to see him at the new cafe on (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and) Friday night with our friends Ben & Ian - we had a great dinner and went to the restaurant next door for drinks. As always, it was so good to catch up with Ben and Ian and just talk, laugh and share. We headed home early as DJ was exhausted (fell asleep on the car ride home).

The next day, Danny worked - I went to crossfit, took Oliver for a walk and hung out with Jenny & Will... The three of us went to have brunch at the Cafe and then went up to Beartown State Forest to look at pretty leaves... of course I didn't have my camera but it was REALLY beautiful! Danny came home later that afternoon and passed out - I tried to nap but ended up just playing sudoku... then we met up with Will & Jenny for gyros for dinner and went to a bonfire. The bonfire was interesting enough, just not for me... cold, smokey, and outside.... enough said. I can't lie it was entertaining watching young girls dance like idiots and make fools of themselves - seriously... get help. Then we went downtown and had a few drinks before heading home...

Then Sunday came around - aka day of my mental break with reality... no, seriously - it was bad. DJ and I got up took the dog for a walk, he got a haircut, I got an attitude. I don't know what it was but I just was having a day where nothing felt right - awesome. we went to our friends Iona and Dan's wedding - which I'll post about later this week... the wedding was beautiful, personal, and just captured the two of them so well! While at the wedding I decided that prohibition was coming back and this would be my last opportunity to drink wine - so I drank WAAAY too much wine. Now I don't know about you guys but waaay too much wine usually results in not great things for this gal... yesterday was no exception - one big fight with my husband and a lost iPhone later... ugh. yuck.

wait? did you read that correctly? no - not the fighting with my husband part, lets be real everyone does that - I LOST MY IPHONE. I have the shakes... okay, that might be from the hangover but also because I really need my phone.... has everything - not just the ability to communicate, all my numbers, 500 pictures of Oliver and don't even get me started on wordswithfriends, twitter or facebook... AAHHH. AND I'm definitely not eligible for an upgrade OR rich so this is a problem. I keep calling it and it just keeps ringing. I'm going to go out to where the wedding was (outdoors) later today before I go to the dentist.

Are you kidding me. This is the worst day ever - hangover, can't find my iPhone AND I have to go to the dentist. can I go back to bed now? Okay, I'm off to go sing Daniel Powter lyrics into my coffee.



Nikki said...

Ugh I know the feeling. I lost my iphone once too. I left it on a display at GAP and some stupid kids picked it up. They drove it to the other side of the mountains and left it at a restaurant. Luckily we got it back. I hope you find it!

How do you like crossfit? I've been thinking about trying it.

Kevin Michael said...

Fighting with drunk girls usually leads nowhere. Now fighting when naked...that's a good idea. =)

Christina said...

I am the same way with wine and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's to the point where i am not "allowed" to drink wine around Sean's fmaily because I always enjoy myself a little to much. I still drink but stick to beer.

Smart Ass Sara said...

oh boo to that homie g dog. :(

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