Tuesday, October 26, 2010

they just keep growing...

remember this post... it was when danny and I went down to Georgia to visit family and meet our brand-new nephew Max... he was just a few weeks old. Well, we were lucky enough to spend the weekend in NYC with DJ's brother and his wife (Mat & Summer) and our two adorable nephews (Max and Noah)... it was crazy how much bigger Max has gotten - he's like a whole new baby... and don't get me started on Noah - he's smarter than me, no joke. They're such amazing little people. :)



isn't he amazing?

and because I know you love babies (from a far) just like me
here are some more cuuuuute pictures of our little nephews from this weekend:)

max, just being max... aka being adorable

noah, our little man.... 

I call this montage "why do Uncle Danny and Aunt Hita always smell like mouthwash?" yup, I'm classy... and clearly - still not ready to procreate!

I can't wait til December til we get to see these little guys again they're amazing (and of course our other niece and nephew who are equally amazing and cute) - we're the luckiest aunt and uncle out there!


Nikki said...

Cute baby! I love them from a far too. I stay sane that way.

Aimee said...

Wow tey do grow so fast.

They are both so adorable.

For now I love them from a far or when I can hand them back to their parents when they get annoying or fussy

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