Monday, October 25, 2010

missing in action...

sorry I've been missing in action - hectic four day work week and a long and amazing weekend in NYC, sprinkle a wedding or two in there and DJ opening a new cafe... life's been crazy/wonderful...

I guess you can say my head's been in the clouds...
more to come soon.


Smart Ass Sara said...

I was wondering where you were! :)

Nikki said...


Mr O said...

hey annahita, this is Matt - the one who got you in the blog mail swap thing.

I've wanted to read here for a while but didn't want to "give away" that it was me haha. But now I am here to stay and consider me a follower.

I went through some of your posts and I love the SEC football talk (I just graduated from Auburn so my days are pretty good right now haha)

Also - I love this picture. Hope to see more of it

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