Friday, October 15, 2010

weekend recap

DJ and I had a great weekend... we went out to dinner with some friends Friday night to our favorite Chinese restaurant (Koi) and had great food and drinks (scorpion bowls = yum), then we headed out downtown and grabbed a drink and strolled home.  Then Saturday, we got up and did crossfit at 8am (I know you're proud of us - I am too) then grabbed breakfast at the cafe, ran some errands, went to a music festival at a BBQ joint down the road and came home and watched some good 'ole SEC football...

I already told you how amazing this week was in College Football... here we are lounging on our couch watching some SEC on CBS aka watching the Cocks kick some 'Bama Ass...

as you can see we were decked out in our "gear" all day and Oliver was enjoying the game via my lap... notice the Orangina bottle in my hand... yup, I was drinking the best drink ever - you want one too.
BTW - South Carolina is ranked #10 in the AP Poll and #12 in the USA Today Poll!!!
{btw- Florida is ranked #22... yup, that' right. life is good.}

so on Thursday our friend Michael from high school wrote on our facebook walls and said him and his mom were driving through the berkshires - I hadn't seen Michael since I was home in Fort Lauderdale the December my dad died (2006) and Danny hadn't seen him since like 2005 at UF - so we were both excited at the possibility of seeing him!

Michael and his mom got into town on Saturday evening and we went to our favorite pizza place Baba Louie's - do you notice we take everyone there? It's SO good! It was so good to catch up - they came to our house and met Oliver, we walked downtown and grabbed some pizza and then walked back and saw Mr. Ollie some more. Michael and his mom both loved Oliver [clearly, who wouldn't?! he's the sweetest dog ever]

The next day we all went to the Cafe for breakfast and came back to our place and said some goodbyes... It was so good to catch up with Michael - it's amazing how with some people you can just pick up right were you left off.. I also love just being able to have intelligent conversations with people that aren't pretentious or just want to hear themselves talk... so it was so good to just talk and enjoy his company!

Here are some of the pics from our Michael reunion photoshoot... :)

Michael + Oliver = Best Friends Forever.

reunited... :)

...and my new favorite picture of Oliver... how can you not smile/laugh when you see this?!
So after Michael and he mom headed back to NYC we had "domestic sunday" - DJ designed all afternoon and I did tons of laundry and organized our closets and dressers.... is it sad that I enjoyed doing that?? Then we walked downtown DJ grabbed a coffee and we had dinner with Will and Jenny.... dinner was interesting... the company was great as always but the service, eh, not so much! Anways, that was our weekend recap.... :)

Good times all around...
hope you had a great weekend too!


Brittany said...

You guys are seriously the cutest couple ever..
although I side with your man! GOOOO GATORS!

Nikki said...

What a big baby! Love your team spirt!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Loving all the bulldog pictures!!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Oliver's face needs to be the front of your Xmas card. Just sayin.

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