Monday, October 11, 2010

new obsession. best drink ever.

I had basically the best drink EVER this weekend...
do you like Orange Creamsicles?
If so, run don't walk to your local liquor store and stock up on this...




this was the best drink I've had in a really long time... you can't even taste the liquor and it's sweet and yummy and I can't stress - it tastes JUST like an orange creamsicle!
....and I plan on consuming quite a few of these when Lindi Lou come to town {19 sleeps}!

{images via here, here, and here.}


Smart Ass Sara said...

You know I can't drink anything that rhymes with vagina.

It's just wrong.


Nikki said...

Bahahah! Smart Ass Sara...cracked me up.

It seems like it might be healthier than a creamsicle too. Aside from the alcohol content I suppose.

Kevin Michael said...

Oh man! I love Orangina (i'm all about things that rhyme with vagina, so I'm good). Haven't seen it in stores lately though....may have to have you send me some. =)

____j said...

I've heard about that whipped cream vodka! I can't wait to try it.

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