Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NYC Scenic Shots

Here are the shots I took while we walked around NYC - I wish I could say I took more, I just really didn't.... there wasn't a lot (in actuality ANY) time that it was just me and DJ so I felt like I was constantly on the go and didn't want to hold people up by stopping and snapping - I did do that a few moments... and here they are - enjoy!

so there you have it - it was a different side of NYC than I've usually seen - no touristy stuff, just the more residential/every day New York.... in actuality - it was kinda refreshing. BUT, I think I'm going to drag DJ up there in December so we can do all that holiday stuff - I can just imagine how great NYC is during the holidays! Don't you think?


Aimee said...

I really love all these pictures. Myfacvorites are the buildings with the clouds reflecting in the windows. Gorgeous :) I am jealous of the people that can just take a mini trip out to NY.

Brittany said...

great pictures.. PER USUAL! :) I have always wanted to go to nyc!

Nikki said...

A couple of those photos...really creeped me out.

The rest were fabulous though ;)

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