Thursday, January 5, 2012

21 weeks...

so here we are -- 21 weeks down, 19 to go!

I love that last week I was talking about embracing my growing body and how I was happy with how I looked and was just going with my weight gain because it was for a greater good... well, that was all true, until this happened...

asshat: how far along are you? 6 months?
me: I'm... umm... [trying to calculate weeks into months, oh screw it] 21 weeks.
asshat: oh wow, I thought you were at least 6 months, you're big, that's going to be one big baby! at least 8lbs!
me: hah. ok. [drinks tea and walks back to office].

keep in mind. this is a person I've met once or twice before and know in a professional setting. really? why do you think it's appropriate to tell me how big I am? also, I did the math - I'm five months, 21 weeks isn't that far off from 6 months. It was just... irritating for the lack of a better word.

I know. I'm not the first pregnant woman this has happened to and I won't be the last. Hell, I know this won't be the last time this happens to me during my pregnancy but it was one of the first times I have experienced the "pregnancy diarrhea of the mouth" - you know that phenomenon where people think they can just say whatever they want to a pregnant woman and it's okay/funny/cute, i.e.:
  • "you're about to pop! haha!" 
  • "wow, you're HUGE!" 
  • "are you sure it's not twins?!" 
  • or even the opposite, when people try and tell you you're too small or your due date must be wrong or you're not eating enough. [clearly, this is not going to happen to me as my baby ass is apparently HUGE].  
but seriously, why give people complexes? really?! why do people think that's okay.

am I being touchy? maybe. moody? maybe. I could be too sensitive but I just think it's crazy - people would never dare say anything like that to someone who wasn't pregnant so why would people think that pregnancy gives them a free pass to be asshats.

In case you were wondering, here is my list of things that I welcome anyone to say to me during my pregnancy:
  • You look beautiful! [.../great/fantastic/amazing - any of those adjectives will do, feel free. really.]
  • "Those pants/that dress/that skirt make your ass look fantastic."
  • "You are the most beautiful pregnant woman that has ever lived. REALLY. You are."
  • "Wow, your belly sure does look smart - your daughter is going to be a genius." [random, but acceptable]
Honestly, most things are okay as long as they're at an arm's length and not touching me... or talking about my weight gain.

anyways, off my soapbox. here are this week's stats:
  • 21/40 but apparently look 26. okay, the horse is dead. I've beaten it. I know.
  • baby j is the size of a carrot and measures 10.5 inches long and weighs around 12.2 ounces! she can also hear my voice clearly now, which is great because it will be the voice of reason in her life for the next twenty plus years [I think I feel her rolling her eyes at me already].
  • gender: still a girl, still has a name. :)
  • I can definitely feel her a LOT more this week! before I could mostly feel her when I was laying down about to go to bed and really still, not there are constant flutters and little jolts. I wouldn't say I feel full-fledged kicks yet [more like taps] but definitely so much more action going on in there. I feel her all throughout the day and I LOVE IT.
  • we get to see sweet baby j on monday, I'm so excited! since we had the elective ultrasound done at 19 weeks we pushed the appt back with our doctor. The ultrasound tech is only at our location on Mondays and they were closed the day after Christmas and the day after New Years Day so the earliest we could get in is 1/9 - so I'm excited to see her when she's 22 weeks and we can apparently see a lot more of how she's developing.
  • number of milk steamers I've drank: 5. obsessed.
  • number of new iPhones bought: ONE! yay. I got myself an early birthday present, a new white 4s I'm going to need a better on-the-go camera to take pictures of our sweet girl so this was a clear win-win.  I also sold my old iPhone on gazelle for $97, score!
  • number of asshats that inadvertently called me fat: 1. asshat.
this weeks bumpin' bump, hanging with big red before heading to work this morning....

...not too many pictures this week [as I already shared pictures from NYE/our anniversary]...
my beautiful roses from DJ are blooming | my pretty new iPhone & kate spade case! | oliver being ridiculously cute wrapping himself up in a blanket | snack of choice this week, motts natural applesauce!
lots of laying in bed watching TV on the iPad this week | DJ's new microphone, isn't it pretty?! someone stole my pellegrino! | florida ruby red = best grapefruits EVER.

that's about it. I can't help but smile when I think about our sweet baby girl - it's just such a fun adventure to go on [especially now that I'm in the honeymoon trimester and feeling great].  DJ and I are off to babies-r-us this Sunday to look at infant carriers/strollers, etc.

Any suggestions? [or warnings of things to stay away from]
I'm open to ALL advice!


Heather said...

I seriously got the same comment yesterday!! Although, I have grown a lot of the past week, I think.

I'm SO nervous for my next weigh in!

Anna said...

LOVE the iPhone case. Good choice. Stripes are so fun.

And stop being so touchy. You are one hot mama and Baby J is lucky to have your genes. Remember last week? I didn't even know you were pregnant.

In other news, I'm buying paint for the living room tonight after work!

Kristin said...

aw, i think you look adorable! that work guy is ca-razy.

my sister got this carseat/stroller: i know it's from target, but they have it at babies r us too. :)

melissa said...

As my good friend Liz Lemon says, "People are the worst!" You don't look big AT ALL. You look fantastic. And now that you mention it, your belly does look smart. That girl, she's going to be a rocket scientist. I can just tell. :)

Also, can you please explain to me what a milk steamer is? I have never heard of such a thing.

Audra said...

You are tiny and adorable.... people are dumb. Why is "you're so huge" always the first response?? You would never say that to someone in real life!

We have the Peg Perego carseat/stroller, and it is phenomenal. A little more pricey than the others, but it will last way longer I promise. Plus it clips in and out of the car soooo easily, which is great because our little one loves taking car rides! :)

Good luck!

Sarah said...

I think you look FABULOUS!!! What an asshat...that is a perfect name for him, asshat! :)

Rachel said...

Well I think you look fabulous and I cant believe people are so rude like that! I'm sure pregnant women hear that crap a lot but I wish poeple would just be NICE!

I love your new iphone cover! Im a bit jelous because I still have to wait awhile to get my phone since my contract isnt up until July!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

You look so good! I love my white iPhone, but I don't have a case for it because I haven't decided if I want to cover up the white back, ha. Love the new car too!

Stephanie said...

I think you look stunning. Whoever made that comment is a stupid buttface.

Sarah said...

It's amazing that women have been having babies for thousands of years now, and people still act the way they do toward pregnant women -- unsolicited comments/advice/touching!

My sister has the Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 travel system and loves it! One of the main reasons she wanted that one was its top rating by Consumer Reports!

jessica said...

my sister (who is in labor right NOW) said one thing that she really hated was when random strangers touched her belly..uumm not okay. she said when when that happened she had the urge to reach out and touch their belly, too. like, come on, people..i may be pregnant but that's still my belly! weird.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you look big, I think you look perfect for 21 weeks! (I hope that's a comment you'll accept lol)

Christina said...

Do you read the cup of joe blog? She had a lot of baby stuff. What to buy kind of things I would check her out.

Jen said...

You look great! We went with the Aprica car seat and stroller ( it is super lightweight compared to others and will be easy to get around with by myself if need be. It is made by the same people who make all the graco products so very reliable.

Lacey said...

You are one hot mama! :) don't listen to that unthoughtful work guy! I want your new iphone cover- love it!

Amanda Faith said...

I so posted about this yesterday. I HATE it when people ask "are you sure you're only (insert # here) weeks?" UH YEAH I DO. or "are you sure theres only one baby in there?" UH YEAH. I laughed it off in the begining but now I'm almost 20 weeks and my patience has grown thin, very thin. You are adorable though!!

Nikki said...

Jeez, so touchy you pregnant ladies we can't do anything right! ;) I'm eating applesauce as I write this.

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Lovely blog girl! :0)

You;re really pretty... and congrats on the baby!!

Now following you <3 follow me back?

xoxo, love&hugs

dave and jenn said...

Ugh, about two weeks before I had Jade, a lady told me she was SURE I was having a boy because I was carrying my baby the same way she carried her boys. Nothing freaks a mom out more than thinking about all of the girly clothes, toys, and room decorations that might have to be replaced if a baby boy happened to pop out. I hated that lady for the day.

Now, strollers/carriers.... we got a Baby Trend infant car seat and liked it very much. We also bought the Baby Trend snap & go stroller frame (nice) and Baby Trend Expedition Jogger (love). The downside to the Baby Trend car seat is that Jade has already outgrown it. She is tall for her age, so we've already had to buy a new one. You want them to stay in the infant seat as long as possible because it is so much more convenient when taking them places. Most of my friends recommend a Graco (I guess maybe they will accommodate a taller child? Who knows.)

Our second car seat is a Britax. We've had it a day, and I am already in love.

Good luck!! Babies-r-Us can be VERY overwhelming.

Lil' Woman said...

You look amazing girl!!

Wiz said...

Oh man...I could go on FOREVER about this! I got "you are about to pop" and "are you sure you arent having twins?" several times. They all annoyed me but I could live with it since they were talking about my belly and I was supposed to have a growing belly. The one that had me steaming was a woman who told me that my face was really filling out. Really! Talk about my belly but stay away from anything else!

You look great! And yes, it is quite the phenomenon that people think they can say anything to a pregnant woman.

Oh and lets not forget the "when are you due?" AFTER you already had the baby.

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