Monday, January 16, 2012

birthday recap...

another year older, another year wiser... or so they say. my birthday weekend was a blast and I was spoiled rotten by my amazing husband and I had a great birthday [after a slight episode in the morning... I cried. I have no clue why, I'm pretty sure DJ doesn't either - I just have this weird thing with birthdays and it's a little nutty]. so after cryfest 2012 and a nice hot shower - I had a great birthday...

I was awoken by a silly bulldog who didn't get the memo that it was Saturday, then showered by gifts by my loving husband and had an AMAZING french toast breakfast... yum. I could eat french toast every day!

DJ got me these fun photo lenses for my iPhone - and we spent quite a bit of time playing with them, I can't wait to take more pictures with them, I just need to get a little bag to keep them with me in my purse... aren't they fun?!

...we also went to the mall and ran some errands and DJ got me a pair of red toms! I wasn't quite sure if this style of Toms were for me, but I LOVE the red ones and DJ was right... I did need a pair! Ollie likes them too... bad dog.

then I had a nice prenatal massage... aka heaven, came home and showered and headed to a yummy sushi dinner - my preggo cocktail of choice = cherry coke. yum. not diet, not caffeine free. I was living on the edge. my sushi [yes, third time this week] was also amazing [fried goodness = heaven].

then we came home and enjoyed a little publix cake... vanilla, strawberry filling and creamcheese frosting. again, YUM. a fantastic, fun, relaxing and just perfect birthday.

so filled with love, laughter and gluttony. crazy to think it's my last birthday without a little one running around... I have a feeling next years [30th?!] birthday will be quite different.

now I have a little less than three months to plan DJ's 30th birthday... our plans have changed a bit since I'll be quite pregnant when his birthday rolls around but I'm determined to make it a special and great birthday to roll out his thirties [aka his best decade yet I've decided].

thanks for all your birthday wishes, here's to a great 29th year!


Tabitha Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!

Your pup is soo cute.

I have those red Toms Love them!


Cole said...

Happy Birthday! That french toast looks divine and Ollie chewing on your Toms *bad boy* is absolutely adorable!

Sarah said...

Happy late birthday!!! And that breakfast! I want that whole plate right now! :)

Courtney B said...

Happy belated Birthday!! What an amazing day... your hubs is so sweet :)

Lourdes Echagarruga said...

Happy Belated birthday !!!! It looks like you had an amazing day! :)

XO Lourdes

Nikki said...

Happy Happy birthday! He really took care of you, what a nice young man.

dave and jenn said...

Fun, fun! Happy belated birthday. The 30's are definitely the best decade, although my 29th wasn't so bad either. :) Love those iPhone filters!

Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I hope each year continues to be even better than the last :)

Wiz said...

I was six - seven months pregnant when John turned thirty. I feel like I did something pretty cool for him! It was funny because I totally surprised him and used pregnancy as an excuse for not doing anything so he thought that he wasnt getting anything big. I even made dinner reservations and sent them to him, but them canceled them so that he would be completely surprised.

jessica said...

omg what a fun birthday! just perfect.

glad you enjoyed you weekend!

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