Monday, January 9, 2012

(baby) loved.

we are so lucky, baby j is clearly so loved and she's not even born yet! we've had an outpouring since we announced our pregnancy from friends and family near and far. the cards and gifts have been so thoughtful and sweet and always bring a smile to my face. and the kegstand onesie from whit makes me laugh every single time I see it!

I plan on keeping all the cards that we got in a safe space for our sweet girl when she gets older - after my dad died I found box with old pictures and in it there were all these cards that my grandmother got congratulating her on his birth (from 1935) - it was so special to me, and I want to hold on to these cards for our sweet girl [and possibly her children to discover one day].

here are a few of the sweet things we've received over the past few months... love. love. love.
thank you to all our sweet friends, not just for the gifts and cards but more than anything for the support, love and well-wishes - we are so lucky to have such amazing people in our life!


Rachel said...

I love the kegstand shirt, thats hilarious! What great friends you have!

Sarah said...

That kegstand shirt is hysterical, where did she find that?!

And per the baby divided post...I knew I always like Ollie.... GO REBS! :)

whitney said...

i am SO glad that onesie finally made it's debut. it is awesome and i can't wait for baby j to wear it...

Audra said...

SO cute!!! The Mickey socks are to die for. Oh and the Pampers Swaddlers are by far the best diaper you can buy. We've tried them all. I'd recommend buying a small case every time you go to the store, that way you don't have to buy them all at once. They go through a million!

Look at me, giving parenting advice after 3.5 weeks. Yikes ;-)

Laura said...

Hi, I am a somewhat of a new follower and have loved getting to know you through your blog!
I love that onsie and will definitely be ordering several for friends who are expecting and have divided houses!

check me out at:

Nikki said...

You should drink the tea. I don't know if she will appreciate that in 26 years ;)

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