Friday, January 13, 2012


so excited it's friday.
so exited for a three day weekend.
so excited my birthday is tomorrow!

today was an eventful friday...

I baked muffins last night and brought them in for our staff meeting... they were amazing... I might have eaten five of them today. oops.

...then I went out to eat with coworkers and had sushi for lunch [yes the second time this week... yes pregnancy police - it's all cooked, no raw fish] - I got all of this, a coke and a soup for $11?!

...then I played bob the builder and built a bookcase for my office - I was told my office would be temporary when I started and that our department was moving... yeah, that was 10 months ago. I've decided to unpack. I don't think we're going anywhere soon.

anyways, I put this together all by myself... the hardest part - getting down on the floor and standing back up. preggo not so limber.
impressive, huh?

so that was my friday in three lame pictures.
now I'm waiting for my love to pick up from work and take me out on the town 
[aka home to change into sweatpants]... it lame I'm so excited to go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow on my birthday?!
[almost as lame as this post?]


Savannah said...

Those muffins look delish and your bookcase is fab! Happy early birthday!

Marian said...

That sushi looks delicious! And birthdays on the weekend are the best! Have a fabulous day

Laura said...

Mmmm I seriously could eat sushi for every meal!

Anna said...

I built a bookcase today, too!

And what kind of muffins are those? They look interesting and yummy.

____j said...

Happy Birthday!!

Wiz said...

HAHAHA pregnancy police :) Happy birthday!

Ashley said...

LOVE your new header! hope you had an amazing birthday chica!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love your blog, newest follower. Excited to read more.

Those muffins look yummy.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great weekend.

Nikki said...

Now I want sushi soooo bad.

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