Thursday, January 19, 2012

23 weeks...

23 weeks down, 17 to go! It's crazy to think that May 15th is less than four months away... I am so excited [and scared] to be a mom and meet our sweet little girl! This week was an eventful one - I had a birthday, we took a trip to the ER and we picked out our essentials/completed our baby registries!

I've been feeling really great this week - just cruising though with no major issues other my back/abdomen pain, oh yeah - I went to the ortho doctor for that... she thinks I have a torn/pulled muscle in my back and she wants me to go to physical therapy three times a week for three weeks... yeah, about that - I work. so I'm going to make an appointment to go once and get the excersizes from them that I can hopefully do at home and we'll see - I might go once a week for the next three weeks, I might just go once... I'm just trying to save up those sick days for when baby j gets here/extending maternity leave.

about maternity leave... I'm starting to have anxiety about it - not about taking the time, about going back to work. I never thought I'd be the one to not want to work/stay home with the baby but the thought of leaving our sweet girl in the hands of someone else/not being around her all day/watching her grow is starting to severely stress me out. oh anxiety, you ugly little monster.

anyways, other than that life is good - our baby registry/stroller excursion was a success - there were no tears involved and we have a carseat and stroller picked out and registered for... DJ's brother Mat and our SIL Summer came and met us at Buy Buy Baby and they were super helpful with the "do I really need this?!" or "how many of these do I really need?!" questions - considering I clearly had no freaking clue.  Thanks Summer & Mat for joining us and all your help! I feel really good about the items we picked and the final [final, hah more like everchanging] list. 

I have a spreadsheet too of everything we registered for [anal retentive, party of one] - if you're preggo and want a copy for reference/registry ideas leave a comment/email me and let me know - I used a lot of peoples feedback, blog-posts, baby registries and suggestions to make the list! 

this week's stats:
  • 23 weeks! baby j is currently weighing in at right around a pound and measuring around 11 inches long, she's also the size of a papaya/mango... 
  • I'm currently feeling: HUGE. yup, and I know I'm just going to get bigger. seriously though. 
  • I'm loving: salty snacks, apples and peanut butter and my husband.
  • I'm still: a big baby, Oliver stepped on my foot and I almost cried [what? he's heavy! 60 lbs] -- to say I'm still petrified of childbirth is an understatement.
  • lots of: movement this week, we've got a wiggler on our hands! DJ still hasn't felt her kick, she was kicking super hard the other night and I could feel it from the outside but he had already fallen asleep! darn. soon enough...
  • number of birthdays this week: one, yay! I turned 29. hello last year of my twenties...
  • number of birth videos I've watched: still zero. I am torn on this - I almost feel like it's a better idea to just not do it and be "surprised" hah.
23rd week bumpin bump...
[...and yes, Oliver came over and sat in the dog bed AFTER we walked over to take the picture, center of attention much?!]

some snapshots from the 23rd week...
Ollie AKA "my parrot" sitting on my shoulder while I laid on the couch ~ my loves! ~ smushface! 

doesn't DJ look like such a DAD?! crazy. ~ our stroller! super excited. 

no words... boys will be boys!

so that's that. 
every week down is another week closer to meeting our sweet baby girl, we can't wait!


Audra said...

I'm gonna tell you my experience... if you get the epidural, you have nothing to worry about re: childbirth. The epidural was amazing!! I felt no pain, and the experience was actually pretty incredible. I was so nervous too, but I promise the anticipation was WAY WAY worse. I mean, everyone has a different experience but I am sure yours will be perfect. No reason to be nervous!

You look great... It's getting so close! I think you should on May 10th though... my birthday ;-)

whitney said...

um that is super exciting to get a stroller.

makes it real REAL.


Sarah said...

you look so cute! I am so ready to start showing!! :)

soooo, what stroller did you go with? I have yet to do research...i just don't even know where to start or what all to stresses me out just thinking about it!

jessica said...

great post. so glad baby j is doing well! and your done with the registry! whew i bet thats a load off.

i swear ollie's personality is awesome. i'm seriously laughing at him sneaking into that picture.

Jenna said...

You look fantastic! Ahh May will seriously be here so soon!!!

PS love your pup creeping in the background.

Natalie said...

You look fantastic! You're getting so close!

dave and jenn said...

I didn't watch any childbirth videos until we took our childbirth class. By that point, I think I was ready and it didn't freak me out so much (well, maybe a little....) It really did help ease my mind to have a plan in mind though. And, as our childbirth teacher put it, knowledge is the antidote to fear. :)

Love the creeper in your picture. Winston was notorious for doing that in mine too. :)

Tabitha Lynn said...

I love the pup pics. So cute.

Lil' Woman said...

You look fab girl!! :)

Nikki said...

Oh won't even notice it ;) ahahah! What do I know?

I'm going to be such a weeper when I'm pregnant. I love making people feel uncomfortable.

Manny & Angela Amores said...

Love the updates! We're with you from across a few states. My wife was wondering if she could get your spreadsheet please. Keep up the blog! We love catching up. All the best.

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