Saturday, June 25, 2011


Tuesday night DJ and I [in all my strep throat glory] went to see Dispatch at Chastain Park - it was our first time at this venue and we loved it. I can't say enough positive things about seeing Dispatch live, they were unreal - and we had GREAT seats! [not to mention we had a great time peoplewatching... really platform heels to watch a jamband? I know I'm an "old married lady" but I was seriously the only woman there in a baseball hat]

Anyways, I'm happy for DJbecause he finally got to see Dispatch [something he thought would never happen since they broke up for a bit a few years back] and they were on his "must see" list. Honestly, they were AMAZING - if you haven't heard there stuff, run to grooveshark now and listen to it for free, you won't be let down. 

Of course, sicky-mcgee-hita didn't bring a camera and both our iPhones died but here are some of our iPhone pics from the show....
   "jigga" completely in his element... 

the encores were amazing, but of course both our cameras [phones] were dead and it was so dark we probably couldn't have captured it, but they came out into the audience and jammed out with everyone... words can't even describe how cool it was, it was definitely one of the best concerts I've been too and one of the best encores I've ever seen [if not the best]. the band was so cool too, they were autographing everything, and brad gave two little kids his drumsticks after the show. great, great, show. 

here's a video [that I didn't take but found off youtube] of the concert just to give you a glimpse... aahh. goosebumps thinking about it.

happy saturday....
hope you're jamming out wherever you are! 

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