Tuesday, June 7, 2011

identity crisis.

does oliver think he's a 10 pound lap dog?
clearly, yes.
luckily he's cute and I love him.
seriously though, I think he's going through an identity crisis...
if he thinks I'm going to carry him around in my purse he's got another thing coming!


Ashley said...

haha too cute! our 60 lb lab thinks he is a little lap dog too. =)

Cassandra said...

aww~ Emma thinks that too! There are no purses that could carry her 55lb booty!

amy said...

So cute! :)

My 90lb lab mix would totally be a lap dog if I allowed him on the couches.

____j said...

Our 50+ lb lab mix thinks she's a lap dog, too. Which wasn't really a problem until I got pregnant.

Nikki said...

What a face! My dogs are the same way. They perch on the arm of the sofa like cats. Especially my 65 lb ridgeback!

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