Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my drunk kitchen...

no, not another post about sangria... Sarah posted these videos a week or so ago and they were too funny not to share - have you seen my drunk kitchen? if not, you're missing out -- here are two of my faves...

Sarah put it best: "I want to be her friend. Or help her secure a show on the Food Network."


Sarah said...

I showed these to my mom and she died laughing. Did you see her 4th of July episode? Also solid. I think when you come to Wilmy we need to do our own version of drunk kitchen minus the cooking part. :)

Nikki said...

OH man. I'll have to watch when I get home. But I can tell I'll pee my pants already.

Anna Walker said...

Oh my goodness! Ha. She is SO annoying when she's drunk! Oh and she burps a lot, sometimes I worry about her mental state, and well, if she may burn something down...but other than that she's pretty darn funny!

V said...

This is too funny! Love it!

20 York Street said...

Ha ha ha, that is cute and Hilarious!

Happy 4th!

Bonjour, come say hello!
Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

Christina said...

This makes me sad and very happy we didn't video tape everything when I was 20.

Anonymous said...

someone else recently showed me this, and I am OBSESSED! She's freakin hilarious!! I would so attend one of her shows and be in the LIVE studio audience haha

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