Monday, July 11, 2011

a whole lot of nothing... and max turning one!

what a great [and relaxing] weekend... we hung out with DJ's folks on Friday night, had dinner at home and ventured out to the mall to pick up a few things and grabbed frozen yogurt [I could eat strawberry frozen yogurt for every meal, no lie]. Then we came home and watched Just Go With It... it was hysterical. I mean, clearly it was a predictable romantic comedy but I laughed so hard and love Jennifer Aniston [Team Aniston for life] and Adam Sandler so I loved it! I'd definitely watch it again... soon. Hmm, maybe this one will go back on the netflix queue! 
Just Go With It

Then on Saturday I learned why it's important not to take a week off from running when I nearly barfed after running two miles [out of shape much?] but I pulled it together and walked/ran the last mile... DJ came back after running two laps around the lake [4.4 miles] in almost the same amount of time it took me to run 3 [lets just pretend I ran the whole time] and proclaimed that he beat a high school cross country kid... the little victories in life. 

In other news, I will run at least three nights this week if it kills me. After my near barfing experience at the lake we headed home and got ready for Max's 1st birthday party. Of course, my arch-nemesis Atlanta Traffic decided to be a little bitch and a drive that usually takes us around an hour took us THREE. awesome. I'm proud of myself though, I showed self-restraint and didn't hit the bottle when we got to the party... which made for an uber productive Sunday! The party was a great time with family and we had a blast with the kids including the birthday boy... 
Saturday night we finished up at the party, and headed over to Brookwood Grill for dinner - it was so good [I'm already trying to plan a return visit]. I had the Peppercorn Seared Tuna Steak Salad - which was great! I can't lie though, the best part about dinner at Brookwood for me was the rolls... croissants with honey butter... I might have eaten two [and a half] - they were too good to say no [I told myself that the last one was my dessert so it was okay]. 

Sunday consisted of lots of cleaning, errand running, playing with Ollie and of course... we ended the night with... frozen yogurt [duh] - yes, I'm aware I have a problem. Then my mother-in-law, DJ and I watched New Moon... let's be real - the best part about watching New Moon was watching DJ watch New Moon... it was pretty darn entertaining. What's that? You want to see a picture of my froyo I ate on Sunday (that looks pretty much just like the one I ate on Friday)? only four sleeps until I'm off to Knoxville and Asheville to celebrate Lindi's 30th birthday, let the countdown begin! 


Nikki said...

What in the world are those little pink berries? I know it is not caviar but it looks like it.

I had froyo this weekend too! But I bagged the fruit and picked chocolate and vanilla...with oreos and butterfinger topping ;)

Christina said...

Thats so funny. I was going back and forth between that movie and The Switch (also Jennifer) but Jason Bateman will win over Adam anyday. I think he looks like what sean will look like when he is older.

melissa said...

Mmmm, that frozen yogurt looks deeeelish! And Max is too cute!

Cassandra said...

Is that jelly beans in your frozen yogurt girl?! I can honestly say, I've never tried that!

You crack me up talking about running and being out of shape... me too girl, me too... but one day... not any more!

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