Thursday, July 21, 2011

true story....

welcome to a day in the life.... we wake up... I'm getting dressed and I hear....

DJ: man, I didn't sleep well, I had really bad dreams
AJ: oh no, sorry babe...
DJ: yeah, I had a really bad nightmare
AJ: really? what about?
DJ: I had a dream I cheated on you?!
DJ: a supermodel
AJ: [insert hysterical laughter] okay, weird.

too funny.
note to self: don't leave danny alone around supermodels.
I consider myself a lucky gal that he considered cheating on me 
with a supermodel a nightmare not a dream come true!


Audra said...

Hey, at least he admitted he dream -cheated on you AND felt guilty about it... That's a good guy! :)

Zara said...

You've got a keeper!
I love that he considered it a nightmare :-)

amy said...

LOL. That's cute! Hang on to him...

Ashley said...

i am not even kidding when i say this MADE my day. love, love, love this!

V said...

LOL oh men say and the dream the darndest things.

Nikki said...

Which one? And what makes them so super anyway?

He's adorable ;)

Cassandra said...

oh this is soo sweet! and i find it funny you laughed. I can soo see E doing the same exact thing {he has a concious as big as a mac truck} and i would laugh out loud too.

Jenna Lee said...

Ha ha ha! So cute! No supermodel guest for you! :)

Happy Friday

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