Friday, June 18, 2010

3 more books down... and they were GOOD!

Here are the next three books down towards my goal of reading 100 books in 2010! 
Vision in White (The Bride Quartet, Book 1)Bed of Roses (The Bride Quartet, Book 2)Savor the Moment (The Bride Quartet, Book 3)

The "Bride Quartet" is such a good series... these are the first three and the fourth and final installment comes out November 2010. I re-read  Vision in White and Bed of Roses and they were just as good the third/second time around [I love to re-read books in series before reading the latest and new one... just a thing I do]. AND Savor the Moment... amazing-I read it in 5 hours [including husband/dog interruptions]. You just fall in love with these characters... The series is about four friends [Mac, Emma, Laurel and Parker] who own and run their own wedding planning company [Vows]... each book spotlights a different character and her background, life, and LOVE. Such romantic books.... must-reads. For sure.

Now the tough part... waiting til November to read Vision in White. Onto the next book to read... Hit Reply by Rocki St. Claire  [another re-read]!
Happy Ever After

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Yellow House said...

I am going to add these to my summer reading list! Thanks!

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