Wednesday, June 2, 2010


THIS is what I'm thinking about right NOW...

happy thoughts:
  • puppy kisses & snuggles
  • date night tonight
  • falling asleep & waking up next to DJ
  • my pretty new purple flats
  • free upgrades to first class [i heart us-air]
  • this time tomorrow I'll be in ILM
  • sushi for dinner tomorrow
  • this time Friday I'll be en-route to Charleston
  • I get to see my favorite girls so so so so soon
  • shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my lovelies
  • wedding dress shopping
  • Flaming Amys for dinner on sunday [and I get to see some of my babies!]
  • little brudder will be in the 'shire in one month!
 yucky thoughts:
  • leaving my puppy [DJ] & piggy [Ollie] for the next four days
  • waking up at 4:00am tomorrow, yuck.
  • why don't the people I work with say "Bless You" when I sneeze... I know there are like 6 of them that hear me sneeze and I ALWAYS say bless you when they sneeze... were these people seriously raised in a barn?
  • bossypants... why are people bossy?!
  • scales... I hate them
  • bikini... ugh. I'm not ready for you. [see yucky note about scale above]
  • wedding dress shopping [I'm poor & quazi chubby - see bikini & scale]
  • sleeping without DJ
  • not seeing Ollie every morning and seeing his wiggle-butt-happy-dance
  • stupid people, really? you don't know why I did/do what I did/do - do you not have better things to do than talk about me? Seriously... SERIOUSLY. I'm not that important. ANYways.
That's pretty much it. Happy two day work week to me. Only 2.5 more hours to go here then packing, dinner date with lovie, snuggles with Ollie-monster and maybe some laundry. THEN... one more sleep til girly-time-to-the-max.

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