Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blow Out Bar?

Four years ago this time I almost moved to LA... I got offered a pretty good job at a great school... with a free apartment overlooking the Hollywood Hills, I had two close friends living out there too so it was a pretty sweet deal... BUT the thought of not being able to drive home [mom&pops], and the fact that I fell in love with the students at my previous institution, and at heart I'm an "east coast girl" so all of this kept me quazi close to home...

I have never regretted this decision until now -- um, hello Dry Bar...

I saw this post about DryBar on cupcakes and cashmere...

$35 for a blow out... and ALL they do is blow outs... all different types!? Can I catch a plane right now?

Here are the 5 types --
Straight Up: Signature Blowout
Mai Tai:Messy & Beachy
Southern Comfort: Lots of Volume
Cosmopolitan: Loose Curls
Manhattan: Sleek & Smooth

You can also be a "barfly" and for $125 a month get 4 blowouts and 2 free floaters (head/neck massage) each month AND 10% off products... YUM.

I wonder if one of these will open in the Berkshires anytime soon? HAH. Mountain Blow Dry...I think not.

Oh well, yet another reason to travel.

*No, I don't really regret my decision to not move to LA - whatever happened over the past four years it landed me right here where I am today... which is right where I'm supposed to be!

AND THEN my pretties... I decided to investigate some more... if there is one - there must be more, right? RIGHT! HELLLOOO "blow: the new york blow dry bar"
Yup, they have them in NYC... NYC that's only a 2 hour train ride away... AMAZING! I will be visiting VERY soon... it's definitely different than the LA drybar - they offer more than blowouts and they're a little more pricey than [$40, $50 or $60 based on lenghth and texture] but looks just as fabulous... "Looking fabulous requires daily maintenance. Whether you want New York's best blow out or an all out "glamour," the place is blow."

I need to work some more daily maintenance into my life... as I'm currently wearing my nasty ponytail and non-madeup face. au natural baby.

...In other news. I'm addicted to sephora and want a new straightener. more to come. yum.

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