Wednesday, June 23, 2010

goal of a lunch break.

DJ was in the town over from where I work today so I took my lunch break early [and extended it a bit] and met him at the local movie theater where they were playing the world cup USA vs Algeria game... holy amazingness. DJ is a pretty big soccer fan so he was all nerves [so cute] and I've gotten pretty into this world cup because of him - we went and saw the US team play in CT in their kick-off series the week before they flew to South Africa... pretty amazing.

It was so cool to watch in a movie theater full of people too on the big screen -- so much excitement and positive energy when they scored that goal... I almost cried, really. I know I'm a big baby... they were all just so happy!

That goal was unreal, I was about to be so heartbroken for the US if they were out of the cup without losing a game... so here are some of our family soccer pics :)

Ollie might be English but he still roots for the good ole USA [we imagine he has an english accent]
and some WAY overdue pics of the US vs Czech game in Hartford, CT....
Can't wait to watch the next USA game!
Crossing my fingers that it's during a weekend so I can enjoy it with DJ [and adult beverages]!

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