Friday, June 11, 2010

Bridal Party Fun!

Bridesmaids Dresses Picked Out - Check
ALL Bridesmaids Dresses Purchased - Check
Shoe Colors Assigned  - CHECK! 

So I got together with some of my bridesmaids last week pre-Charleston fun and we went wedding dress and bridesmaids dress shopping [again]... so I am one step closer towards deciding on and purchasing a wedding dress AND we are good to go with the bridal party...

We found these hot little numbers [yes, they have pockets] from White House Black Market...
The dresses were ON SALE and we had coupons so the total with tax was $48.00. AND we were able to get them from the stores in Wilmington and Mount Pleasant that weekend! ALL DONE with dressing the bridal party... And, I must say, I am quite proud of us--bargain shoppers and on the ball. Now if only my wedding dress was going to cost that much? HAH.

And then we tackled shoe color assignments and it went so smoothly, I talked about in this post how I wanted to do different color shoes and my inspiration - I shared some pics with them and I just let them decide amongst each other and there was no squabble, we even did a trial run to see how the colors would look in that order -- 

They've all started looking for shoes too which is amaaazing. Man, they're ahead of me... I think we're going to go look for suits for DJ this weekend and possibly blue flat shoes for me and my goal is to decide on my wedding dress by the end of the month...that'll give me six months for it to be ordered, arrive, altered, etc.


Sara Lewis said...

I really like the weaving look on the top of te dresses and I love that they have pockets!

asj said...

Thanks Sara! I love them...I should have bought one for myself, darnit!

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