Tuesday, June 15, 2010

balancing act.

I have become newly obsessed...

with balancing my checkbook.  I realize this is weird...but it's true!

DJ and I have a joint checking account and [like most people] we have bills and I actually like writing checks... we both used to have Bank of America [we LOVED boa] but there aren't any nearby so we switched to a local bank and have been pretty happy.

Our new bank has online banking... but they don't really have online bill pay [not what we're used to at least] so now we pay our bills the old fashioned way - checks... or using the company's webpage... but I actually enjoy writing checks. There's something homey about it.

And... with both of us spending money on our debit cards and keeping track of expenses balancing the checkbook has become part of the "joint checking" deal. It's fun and actually gives me another thing to do at work... and I get to whip out my lovely checkbook holder more often...

hope garden... I love you.

so there's my geeky rant of the day... hope you enjoyed it! :)

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