Thursday, June 10, 2010

I live under a rock.

How did I not know Jodi Picoult had a new book out? Where have I been?

I want to read it. Now.

However, I have two books ahead of in the "queue" [don't worry, I'll blog about them after I finish them]. Also, I feel like spending money on books is not appropriate as we're saving money for the wedding and kitchen table... and I have hundreds of books at home.. AND both of the books I want to buy --

Heart of the MatterHouse Rules: A Novel
...are of course only available in HARDCOVER as they just came out.  Great... so basically my compromise [with my conscience] is the minute they come out in paperback - they are MINE.

In other news... fathers day shopping for the in-laws is proving the be unsuccessful... any ideas? I was thinking of getting this but feel it might be a tad inapprops... but then again, in our family - anything goes!

**Click book images to be taken to Amazon to read about them... and buy them, just don't tell me you did or I'll be jealous!


Yellow House said...

I love Jodi Piccoult! The Pact is waiting for me on my nightstand...

asj said...

Ah! The Pact was the first Jodi Picoult book I read... got me hooked, I've read it at least five times--it's just haunting in an amazing way! Hope you enjoy it!

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