Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bad bride...

I've been a bad, bad bride...[channeling Fiona Apple there].

No, seriously, I have fallen off the wedding planning wagon. No worries though, I'm getting back on NOW. The reality that our wedding is six months [185 days] away is a little terrifying considering we really haven't gotten too much done... but then the fact that we're already married and this is just a party for us to celebrate makes me chill out [maybe too much?].

So I'm setting some goals [publicly] to hold myself accountable... AND to be fair we have gotten a lot done especially this past week [DJ helped me get back on track].

We have:
-Save the Dates created and sent
-Secured the location [ceremony/reception same place]
-Secured a photographer
-All bridesmaids have bought dresses

-3 Bridesmaids have bought their shoes!

{Yellow Shoes found at Nordstroms Rack!}

-We bought DJ's suit [one that he actually likes - a MAJOR feat! AND we bought it with a 25% off coupon, cha-ching, amazing] Pictured Below compliments of BananaRepublic.com

-Decided on groomsmen attire [2 button plain black suit and black converses]

-Had the first meeting with our caterer [DJ's uncle] who helped us TREMENDOUSLY with our timeline and thought process for the wedding...

We need to:
-Finalize Decor
-Buy vases/containers for centerpieces
-Book a florist for bouquets/boutonnieres
-Buy DECIDE ON and buy a wedding dress [Will do MUST do by July 31st]
-Finalize timeline
-Finalize menu
-Buy DECIDE ON and buy my shoes... I've found a lot of cute blue flats but hardly ANY in my big ole 9.5 shoe size... here are two that I'm kinda in between now...

-Decide on table linens
-Get an alcohol permit for the venue [August 31, 2010]
-Meet with our liquor distributor
-Book the band [we need a contract!.... Yes, DANNY I'm talking to you, I know you're reading this!!] [August 31, 2010]
-Meet with our photographer [August 31, 2010]
-Meet with the salon that is doing the hair/makeup for the day-of to schedule appointments [July 31 2010]
-Send email to friends/family reminding them to book flights/hotels early [July 31, 2010]
-Create and print invitations [Create by August 31, 2010]
-Mail invitations [TBD - sometime in the Fall]
-Book our room at the B&B [July 31, 2010]

Clearly the "we need to do" list is much longer than the "we have done" list... but that's okay... like I said, we're already married!

wow. I actually feel energized after writing all that and not exhausted.... and luckily I have the world's best husband who is extremely involved in the whole process [yes DJ I will try Duck Confit Pizza] and two best friends [and bridesmaids] who have gotten married in the last year who have been extremely generous [in a good AMAZING way] with advice! 

I'm excited we're not going overboard and we're taking care of a lot of the little details ourselves and we're really making the wedding reflect who we are as individuals and as a couple... I think it's going to turn out pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself.

Feel free to share any advice you have - my ears [and eyes] are wide open!


Bo said...

Wow! You have a lot to do! More than anything just enjoy it. Ten years from now, you want to remember how much pure fun you had during your wedding planning/wedding. I think you're doing great so far :) And whenever you get too stressed, just remember, the sun will rise tomorrow. That helps me a lot :) Best of luck and keep updating!

I'm a new blogger!

carmen said...

I really like the blue flats. I have a close friend who also has a difficult time finding shoes in her size. She actually just blogged about the perfect shoe, made by you. Check it out. http://scientifichousewife.blogspot.com/2010/06/design-your-own-shoe.html


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