Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new name?

what's in a name?

in a blog, a lot. clearly....

I'm contemplating a name change.

we'll say.

bare with me as I toy with it.... better now than later, right?

88 is a huge part of my life... my dad did Ham Radio for the majority of his life and 88 is the ham radio Q code for "hugs and kisses" or "love and kisses"

[here's a picture of us in "the shack" my dad's office with all his ham radio stuff]

so it's how my parents and I [especially my dad] said goodbye... 8 sideways also is the infinity symbol so it all comes together in this beautiful mess of why it's significant. love and kisses forever and ever... and ever...

hence forevereightyeight as the blogspot domain and now [for now] forever88 as the blog "name"

in other news like 10 40-50 year old women in my office are now having the conversation of whether or not they're "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" [Is there even a question, Team Edward, DUH]

so....with that I'll leave you for now.

 88 lovies.

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